A you a true fangirl?

There are so many fangirls out there, for any kind of fandom. There's music, books, movies and more! This quiz separates the true fangirls from the wannabes.

Are you a true fangirl? Our maybe just a little obsessed? With this test you will find out wear you stand on a scale of one to stalking your fandom.

Created by: The fault in fangirls

  1. Okay, so first, how long have you been a part of your fandom?
  2. Do you have any fandom merch?
  3. Do you have a blog/Instagram account detected to your fandom?
  4. Okay, so how often do you update your blog/Instagram
  5. What happens if I were to say your fandom SUCKS
  6. Can you even?
  7. Are you obsessed with your fandom?
  8. Asdfghjkl?
  9. Do you have feels?
  10. Do you chat with other fangirls online?
  11. How do you think you did (no effect)

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