A very fun math quiz

This is just a fun math quiz for you to enjoy. Don't take it too seriously, it is just for entertainment purposes and not something to stress you out.

I'm looking forward to seeing your results in the quiz. Good luck! Do remember to follow me on instagram or on Roblox @cuteypuppy7449! I really hope you enjoy this quiz :3

Created by: Oceanwillow

  1. What is 12+5?
  2. What is 1637+73?
  3. Jon has 20 rulers. Mary eats 3. Calculate the mass of Jake's soccer shoe.
  4. A lightbulb explodes 75 kilometers away from the bus stop. Jamie is at school, 34 kilometers away from the bus stop. How far away from the exploding lightbulb is Jamie?
  5. Two days ago was Wednesday. That Wednesday's tomorrow is today's tomorrow's two days ago. Is that statement accurate?
  6. E=
  7. A woman is waiting for her son to finish school. Her son's classes start at 8.00 a.m. and finish at 3.30 p.m. From 8.00 a.m., how long does she have to wait?
  8. 3 rabbits of the same size weigh 9 kilograms. A rabbit and a pig weigh 12 kilograms. 2 pigs, a duck and a turkey weigh 30 kilograms with the turkey being twice the weight of the duck. What is the sum of the turkey's and a rabbit's weight?
  9. Sandra needs 50 grams of flour. She only has 12 grams. How many more grams of flour does she need?
  10. Last question: do you really like math?

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