A much better shipping quiz than my last one!

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HAYE PEOPLES. I made another shipping quiz. This one is a little different from the last one because the last one was just me putting a quiz together because I had nothing better to do.

THIS one, however, is about how many ships you support that I support. Are our interests the same, or do you hate everyone I put in this quiz? Or in the middle? Whatever, have fun!!

Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Okay we are obviously starting with my NUMBER ONE ship. Shadow x Amy (Shadamy)
  2. Now Silver x Blaze (Silvaze)
  3. Knuckles x Rouge (Knuxouge)
  4. Now I'll do Wings of Fire! Now obviously Moon x Qibli (Moonbli)
  5. Clay x Peril (Clayril). Okay I changed my opinion on who to ship Clay with it changes a lot so Clayril.
  6. Starflight x Fatespeaker (Starspeaker)
  7. Glory x Deathbringer (Glorybringer)
  8. Now Lemonade Mouth! Wen x Olivia (Wenlivia) DUH
  9. Charlie x Mo (Cho). Okay I know Mo is with Scott but SERIOUSLY!
  10. Ray x Stella (Rayella). I know this is weird but who cares.
  11. Okay, Ralph and Vanellope are making a cameo appearance in this quiz because they are literally the only two people in the Wreck It Ralph movies that I ship. Ralph x Vanellope (Ralphellope)
  12. Okay, except for Rancis x Taffyta (Rancaffyta)
  13. Now Sonic characters again. Jet x Wave (Jetave)
  14. Tails x Cream (Taiream)
  15. Mighty x Sally (Mightally). I REFUSE to take any s--- about Sonic and Sally (or Sonic and Amy, for that matter), ok?
  16. Okay, now for the BEST ship of ALL TIME. Me and Sonic (Sonapphire)

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