A long pee quiz!

This is a hard(and kinda long)pee quiz! Get your bladders ready for this torture quiz. You're probably gonna pee yourself. This will have some challenges in this quiz!

These challenges will include: Leting some pee out, Drinking lots of water & some other stuff this will take some time to get results, so be ready quiz taker!

Created by: BaldiGamer
  1. Are you ready?
  2. ok drink lots of water how do feel 1-10
  3. First challenge:Lean over your table NO HOLDING!
  4. Ok drink lots of water, its the pee scale!
  5. Ok pee for 10 secs you should have a dark circle in your pants
  6. ok you either drink a soda or 1000ml of water
  7. let out some more pee did you pee
  8. 2nd challenge:do some stretches
  9. ok for the rest of this quiz go in a private area naked
  10. now for the rest of this quiz you cant hold your pee got it?
  11. 3rd challenge:drink some water and then feel your bladder how full is it
  12. 4th challenge:pee a little bit out
  13. are you ready for your results?
  14. ok after this one
  15. do you like my quiz
  16. ready?

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