A good bad romance! pt.10

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I got 6 more parts to make! This time I added more christian parts. Sorry if you get offended by it! I somewhat wish to make my wishes to come true. Me and my BFF have a huge bond and everyone can see it. She's the only one I can trust now.

My BFF's birthday is this Thursday. She's going to be 13 like me. Her name is Cassidy. But she wish her name is Kassidy. She's the only one I trust with my life. My birthday was last Thursday on the 10th of December. During hers is on the 17th of December.

Created by: Story teen girl
  1. Then Matthew said,"Only 8 kisses a day!" Then they said,"OK!" Then it was almost time to go to church. So Michelle handed Mary a wight dress and a white pair of heels.
  2. Then Mary put the outfit on. It fit just right! So she walked out of the bathroom for her to take a look. Then she looked at it and said,"You wear the same size I wore before I gained baby weight."
  3. Mary just nodded her head. Then they went to church. Then Brian took her to the new preacher. He said,"Br.Steven this is my girlfriend Mary." Steven said,"It's nice to meet you! Brian been coming to this church since he was a baby."
  4. Then they said,"We have to go my family is waiting for us in the family pube." So they went. Then he said,"We have a new person in this church. Come on up here Mary."
  5. So Mary went up there. Then he said,"She was a member of the church next door. But that church shut down once she turned 13." Everyone said,"Do you want to join us?" Mary then looked at Brian.
  6. Brian lipped,"I love you." So she gave a two. So she took a deep breath and said,"Yes." So then people cheered and clapped. It was a big church. Then people came up to her.
  7. Brian looked at the youth boys. They were looking at her and drooled. So Brian quickly ran up there and wrapped his arm around her to tell them that she is taken. So the boys groaned and got up.
  8. Then Roy,Ruth,Alex and Rose came up. Ruth and Rose hugged her. Brian said,"Guys I know you so it's OK to hug her." So they did. Then people sat back down. They celebrated by letting her sing a song if she wanted to.
  9. So Mary said,"Sure. Why not?" So they started to scream songs. Then she said,"I'm going to sing Like I'm going to lose you by Megahn Trainer." Then the crowd settled down. Then the band stareted to play.
  10. Then she started to sing,"I found myself dreaming. Like silver and gold. It's like a scene of a movie that every broken heart knows..." Then she sung the whole song. Brian sang the boy part.
  11. Everyone clapped and cheered. Then church was over. Brian said,"You did great! Your voice was a mixture of Angel and Bird chirps! It was so beautiful!" Mary said,"Thank you." Then they kissed.
  12. Matthew said,"Six more kisses!" So they stopped and hugged. Then they arrived home. Mary took off the heels and gave them to Michelle. Then Mary helped them move the table back.
  13. Then Matthew amd Brian went to get four sub sandwiches. Then Michelle said,"Since it's the two of us and Moby I'm going to paint your nails. Go pick you out two colors."
  14. So Mary went two the bathroom and went to the girly side of it. She got red and green. Since christmas was two weeks away. Then Michelle painted her nails.
  15. Cliff-hanger!

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