a freakin fun quiz!

How well do you know me? or wait, the real question is... do you actually have a life? Do you have friends or are you so bored with so much spare time that this is the only thing to do right now. Loser

Ok seriously I have nothing else to say. This stupid quiz thing won't let me finish it unless I write something here so here it is! So yeah just go ahead and take this quiz its super fun and think of all the poor people in europe who dont have quizzes like these..

Created by: Ashley

  1. What state did I attend Elementery school?
  2. What is my fantasy job?
  3. What 2 dogs have I had/have?
  4. What is the name of my Fox Terrier and Saint Bernard
  5. Ok, so what kind of animals do I have now in my mini zoo
  6. What was my vehical of choice for work one day when I didn't have a car?
  7. Why am I partly deaf?
  8. What is NOT true?
  9. My name is Ashley and I'm addicted to..
  10. These are a few of my favorite things! Which one most definitely is not?
  11. Ok last one! I'll make it easy for you all that suck, what is my boyfriend's middle name?
  12. HA! Tricked you! I'm not going to tell you when this quiz is over!! MUAhahaha! I do what for a living?

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