A Big Time Rush Short Story #1 Pt.2

Summary: Carlos gets his learners permit but isn't so thrilled. Isn't that a little... WEIRD? Well Kendall gets concerned and tries to help his energetic little buddy. Logan also tries to hurt himself for unknown reasons. Pairing: Kendall and Carlos. Later will be Carlos and Logan..

Disclaimer: I don't own Big Time rush.. Sadly. That would be so awesome if I did though. Right? Other things to say: ok so, it might be a few parts. I didn't think it was going to be so long. sorry people. But give this a chance.

Created by: AmazingAuthor

  1. Kendall didn't say anything. He just kept his arms around me, seeming deep in thought. "Oh, Carlitos.." He said quietly. I looked down. "Go ahead.. Laugh and call me a baby." I said, still thinking about Maria. Kendall chuckled a bit and pressed another kiss to my forehead. "No, I'm going to call you my baby." With that, Kendall kissed my lips. The kiss caught me off guard, meaning, I kinda fell off the bed. "I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have done that.." Kendall got up to go. I grabbed his ankle and pulled him down with me. "Yes you should have!" I said. Kendall only smiled and pulled me close to him. "Is that all that's been bugging you?" he asked. I shook my head and was going to tell Kendall all about Maria. But then, Katie walked in holding the picture that I flung out the window. "Hey guys.. Uh.. Am I interrupting something?" she said. Kendall wore a confused face. Then he got where Katie was getting at. "Oh! No... What's that?" he said getting up. I felt like saying, don't let go of me... But I'd sound vulnerable. "Well I saw it outside while I was walking around.." Katie thrusted the semi shattered picture at Kendall. "uh.. I have no clue What or who that is." he turned to me. "Carlitos? Do you know anything about this?"
  2. I quickly shook my head. "No, I have nothing to do with that." I crossed my arms over my chest. Kendall gave me this weird look. "Yeah, ok.. Thanks Katie." he said taking the picture. I made this weird whining sound from the back of my throat. "No problem." Katie walked out of the room leaving me and Kendall alone once again. "Who's this girl?" he took my hand in his. "It's Maria, now give that back to me." I said snatching the picture and getting the hammer from Kendall's underwear drawer. I hit the picture harder and harder every time, more anger coming from me. Kendall watched me probably thinking that I needed to get some professional help. "Carlos.. That's not how you deal with your girl problems." Kendall said after a few minutes. I tried to hit it again and missed, getting my finger instead. "Aye! f---ing s---!" I yelled and put my finger in my mouth and began to suck it. "Oh, baby.. You ok?" Kendall asked running a hand through my hair. "Nuh-uh." I continued to suck it. "Lemme see it." Kendall took my finger. "It's fine.." He said while kissing it. "Kenny?" I said. "Hm?" he looked up at me. "Um... My neck hurts... Like right there." I said pointing to my neck. Kendall smiled his amazing smile and pressed his lips to my neck. He sucked the skin there and I loved it, letting out a soft moan. My arms wrapped around his waist tightly. Then Kendall's phone rang.
  3. "No...!!!" I whined when he let go of me to get his phone. "Calm down, I'll come back to you." He said and answered the phone. I could hear Gustavo yelling at Kendall from where I was sitting. "WHERE HAVE YOU DOGS BEEN???!!!" He screamed. Then I realized that we haven't been at the studio for 3 days. "Just hang up." I mouthed. Kendall rolled his eyes. "Oh calm your balls." he said and hung up. "I'm guessing we're in trouble." I said holding Kendall by his waist. "Ha.. only a little bit. Now where were we?" he said. "My neck hurt." I smiled. Kendall smiled back at me and kissed my neck again. When he sucked the skin he also licked. This time we were interrupted by Logan. "Hey guys, I- oh. I'm sorry.." there was a large amount of sadness in his chocolate eyes. "Huh? oh it's ok Logie." I said. Logan just shrugged and disappeared off.
  4. There was something wrong with Logan. I thought about it for a little bit and decided to see what was wrong with the smart kid. "Hey, can I go see what's wrong with Logan?" I asked. "Sure. You don't need my permission to do that." Kendall kissed my forehead. I smiled and got up. When I opened the door, I heard Kendall say, "That ass is teasing me like hell." I turned to him and he just gave me a smirk. I went into the living room. Just Katie and James playing a video game. I went to the pool and didn't find him there either. While looking for Logan, I started craving ice cream so I went back to 2J. When I opened the freezer, you would never guess what I saw.
  5. Logan standing in there, I think unconscious, without a shirt all cold. "Logan!" I yelled and carried him out of the freezer. "What's wrong with Logan, he looks cold." James commented, not looking up from his game. "It's nothing. I'm going to our room, don't follow me!" I said. I went up to the room and set Logan softly on the bed. After a few minutes Logan woke up freaking out. "God damn! I am such an idiot why would I try and freeze myself to death anyway! Wait.. Where am I? Who found me?" Logan sat up. "Logan.. You're in our room, and I found you." I said taking a seat next to him. Logan realized it was me and slowly layed back down and pretended to sleep. "Logan..." I stroked his cheek. He sat up again. "Aren't you supposed to be getting hickeys from Kendall?" he said harshly. I know he didn't mean it by the way he blushed after saying it. "I'm sorry Carlos. It's just that.. Ugh.. Never mind." he put his head under the pillow. "Why don't you tell me what's on your mind?" I asked taking his hand. Logan blushed a little and smiled shyly. "I don't know.. I just feel like you guys only talk to me just because no one else does. And that I'm not good enough and that I am just worthless." he said. I lifted Logan into my lap. "None of that is true. I am your best friend. And you are so good enough for anything. I mean your good looking and smart and funny and you can sing. And who said you were worthless?" I said. Logan just put his head into my shoulder. "I did." he said quietly. "Well your wrong. never think your anything less than amazing." I said. I kissed the top of his head. And that was when Kendall decided to stroll in. My luck.
  6. So That's it.
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  8. Firey_Soul, I love that song!!! It rocks! I recomend listening to Epic, Show me, adn Love me Love me.
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  10. Btw, my real name is Ashley. Adn please come back for the next part!!!!

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