Which Bertrice Small Book Am I

This is a quiz for any book lover who truley loves Bertrice Small! I know if you are like me, if you read one of her books, you must read them all! Happy reading!

Are you a Bertrice Small Genius? How much do you know about the characters in her stories? Take this test and see how much of a genius you are! Here goes, "Which Bertrice Small Book Am I?"

Created by: Dawn Mayo
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  1. My husband was shot, but I was the target
  2. My own slave sold me!
  3. I never believed I could love anyone with blue eyes!
  4. My sister fell in love with the man I eventually married!
  5. The tragedy of my daughters death made me nearly give up on life, until I am given in marriage to my true love
  6. I marry my best friend and find true happiness!
  7. My child is kidnapped by my greedy cousin!
  8. I remarry and have a child, only to find out my first husband is not dead!
  9. My sister marries my betrothed!
  10. My aunt marries my father!
  11. My mother marries my betrothed!
  12. My husband is accidently murdered by his former lover!
  13. We have loved eachother before in another life!
  14. My lover has a statue sculpted of me!
  15. My lover has a portrait painted of me!
  16. My husband believes my child may belong to another, but that would be impossible!
  17. I fell in-love with my beloved, before we ever met!
  18. My husband was one of the kings favorite boyhood friends!
  19. My cousin tried to seduce my betrothed!
  20. My sister had my husband killed!

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