should you give your idiot brother a wedgie?

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should you or shouldn't you? does he deserve it or does he not deserve it? possibly you already know the answer but you need a confirmation, in that case answer the following questionnaire and let's see what comes out!

good luck, answer as you like, but try to be honest and don't forget to comment! and if you want tell us about your experience or tell us what you think

Created by: Stupid Nerd

  1. Does your brother constantly annoy you?
  2. Does he get you in trouble?
  3. He is older or younger than you?
  4. He is athletic?
  5. if your fight you win?
  6. How does he treat you?
  7. Does he know what a wedgie is?
  8. What do the boys in his class think of him?
  9. is it the favourite of your parents?
  10. You hate he?

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Quiz topic: Should I give my idiot brother a wedgie?