🔺 Are you illuminati? 🔺

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The Illuminati - I'm sure you've heard of it. Y'know, that race of Satan-worshipping reptilians who are planning to establish a New World Order by overthrowing the American government.

Well now it's time to find out if you're one of those scum-sucking reptilians! With the help of my illuminati detector, we shall find the answer to the question everyone's constantly asking themselves!

Created by: epianoman8
  1. Are you associated with the media?
  2. Do you have scales on your body?
  3. Do you worship satan?
  4. ☴䷀䷌䷩⚌䷰𝌓䷫☷⚊☱☱☰⚎?
  5. Should we establish a new world order?
  6. Are you related to Adam Weishaupt?
  7. What is your favorite shape?
  8. Do you illuminate often?
  9. What does the number 666 mean to you?
  10. Do you know who Peladophobian is?
  11. Favorite mode of transportation?

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Quiz topic: 🔺 am I illuminati? 🔺