Do You Love the Jonas Brothers? Do You Think you have J.O.D? Do you find your self not getting enough of Jb? Are You A True Jb Fan?? Wanna Find Out??Are you Just confused if you are or are not a jb fan? Do your friends say your not obssesed? Wanna prove them wrong? :)

This Quiz is to find out what you really know about JB! Hope You Get an Awsome Score! I know you will =D Now Click da button and lets see how much of a JB fan are you!!

Created by: Oh_My_Jonas_101 {Fansite!!}

  1. What is Nick's favorite color ?
  2. Joe is the cute and _____ one.
  3. Kevin's first name is..
  4. JB's first album was called..
  5. True or False. JB said they would all date a fan.
  6. Nick is the cute and ____ one.
  7. JB has only 2 albums out. Ture or False
  8. JB ______ their fans.
  9. The Jonas Brothers are the Best Band ever!!! True or False
  10. Kevin is the cute and _______ one.

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