7 Minutes in Heaven

This is a clean seven minutes in heaven. For all you perverts, get out of this because you won't see anything dirty. The only dirty part may be he/she tries to undress you and you went upstairs to finish what you started.

Did you konw taht the hmaun bairn can raed wdros as lnog as the frsit and lsat lteetr are in tehre oigiranl pacle. I tihnk tihs is cool. Do you tinhk tihs is cool?

Created by: Love

  1. Your friend invites you to her party, you say,
  2. You wear there...
  3. You get there and your friend makes you play 7 Minutes in Heaven. You say...
  4. You choose the #...
  5. You choose the item...
  6. Those were the only ones that counted so u can skip the rest.
  7. PIE!
  8. Guess which song this goes to... She hit the floor (she hit the floor) next thing ya know, shawty got...
  9. stardoll.com
  10. girlsense.com

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