1D: do you know these boys?

How well do you know the boys of 1D? Take this quiz. It has quite comlicated answers but you will do good. Again. Take this quiz and see just ow well you know ur heroes/idols/'soul mates'.

Hello there, Directioner. Anyone can take this quiz, young or old! Just click on it and there you go, on a journey to learn about your fave band! Go on, take the quiz!

Created by: Paige Tomlinson

  1. What ia Zayn's middle name?
  2. What did Louis always wear when 1D started?
  3. How does Harry Styles sleep?
  4. What zodiac sign is Louis? (Question has three questions)
  5. What is the name of their movie?
  6. What did Louis do once in a interview?
  7. What did Liam and Harry do?
  8. What was their first hit?
  9. What was the name of Harry's band before he auditioned for The X-Factor?
  10. What Nickelodeon show did One Direction appear on?
  11. What is Niall's natural hair color?
  12. Where did 1D film 'One Way Or Another'?

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Quiz topic: 1D: do I know these boys?