Real Zombie Survival Quiz

Will you survive a Zombie Attack? REALLY? This quiz is not based on stupid Hollywood facts. It's not biased to Romero Zombies. Or a certain ridiculous Survival Guide. Most questions have little to do with the Undead. They have to do, with you!

So take the quiz, and see if you will be one of the few, the proud, the living! What's the matter...suddenly afraid your Katana wielding ways might not stand up Mr. Brooks?

Created by: yendor87
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you ACTUALLY exercise, how often?
420+ Minutes every 7 Days.
420 Minutes every 7 Days.
210 Minutes every 7 Days.
105 Minutes every 7 Days.
Under 105 Minutes every 7 Days.
4. Does your Career or Job expect you to carry, handle, and use a Weapon?
Yes, Larger then Small Arms.
Yes, Mainly Small Arms.
Yes, Melee weapons (Axes, Batons)
I do not have a job. (School isn't a job).
5. Do you have a Firearm, any sized Hammer, or Blunt Edged Weapon (Axes, Machetes, Cleavers. Swords do not count.) that you could have access to within 30 seconds of reading this?
No, but I can get one within 5 minutes.
No, but I can get one within 10 minutes.
No, I would have to find one.
6. Your primary home (Those with summer homes, two homes primary is where you spend the majority of your year sleeping.)is close to how many people?
7. Do you have any Military, Police, Security, or Survival Training?
Yes, Comprehensive training.
Yes, but specialized.
Yes, but not from the mentioned sources.
8. How much weight can you bench?
150+ Pounds
100-150 Pounds
75-100 Pounds
50-75 Pounds
50- Pounds
9. How many hours to you spend sitting in front of an electronic device? (Ipods, cellphones and other mobile devices do not count).
60 to 70+ Hours a Week
50 to 60 Hours a Week
40 to 50 Hours a Week
30 to 40 Hours a Week
20 to 30 Hours a Week
10- to 20 Hours a Week
10. Have you ever operated a Firearm before? Firing does not count. Loading, operating the bolt hammer or pump, lining up a target and actually hitting a target is operation.
Yes, I've had professional training.
Yes, I own and operate a Firearm.
No, but I've fired one.
11. Do you have a comprehensive plan for when Zombies attack?
I have several.
I have one or two main plans.
No, Improve is my goal.
12. If you have a thought out plan for Zombie Day, what does it involve?
Military Base or Police Station
Prison or Similar Facility
Living in the woods
Do not have a solid plan
13. Do you plan or hope to have survivors helping or obeying you?
Yes, at least 50+
Yes, at least 10 to 50
Yes, only 1 to 10
If people show up I'll use them
A Lone Wolf is a Living Wolf
Yes I am part of a Security Force
14. How do you plan to survive long term?
Raiding for supplies
Securing a Fort and farming
I haven't thought that far ahead
I'm focusing on short term
I don't think I'll live that long
15. Have you ever seen a violent human death or severe injuries first hand?
Yes I've seen Gruesome death
Yes I've seen Gruesome injury
No but I've seen Media of such
No I have not
16. Have you ever been injured severely? Anything involving more then 10 stitches, broken bones, violent acts such as being stabbed or shot, or lost limbs?
Yes, more then three times
Yes, 1 to 3 times
17. What type of vehicles can you operate?
I can operate Heavy Machinery (Front Loader, etc)
I can operate Farm Equipment (Tractor, etc)
I can operate Motorcycles
I can operate Cars
I can do more 2 or more
I can't do any of this
18. Can you drive stick? Standard in a vehicle that is.
Yes I do it often so I rarely stall
Yes but not often so sometimes I stall
No but I've seen people do it
No, period
19. Can you operate a small Plane or Helicopter?
Yes I can fly most small Planes
Yes I can fly most small Rotary craft (Helicopters)
I have flown military craft
I have flown commercial craft
I can do 2 or more
I am a land lover
20. Do you know how to operate a boat?
Yes I own one actually
Yes I know how to operate one
No but I've been on one
21. Is every human life precious?
Depends on their actions
Some more so then others
Not if they get in my way
22. Theoretical Question : You are surrounded in the open by Twenty Undead. You only have a Shotgun with Five Shells. Are you Screwed?
Without a doubt
Not really, I have one Shell for myself
Five of them are screwed too, at least
How did I get in this situation?
23. Theoretical Question : You have a Motorcycle. 5 Survivors are asking for escape. Bearing that none of the people have equipment, who do you take?
An Unknown Man wearing my countries Military Uniform
A vaguely recognizable Police Officer
A family member
Your best friend
A beautiful member of the opposite or preferred Sex
None, I have more room for supplies then
24. Do you know any Martial or Deadly Arts?
Yes I am higher then a 3rd rank
Yes I know how to kill with my bare hands
I am Chuck Norris
Yes but I have just started
25. How much do you know about the Undead, A.k.a. Zombies, A.k.a. The Infected
Only a headshot can kill them for sure
They have super strength
A bite means I turn into one of them
They are slow not fast
There is more to them then above
26. Where are you most of the time?
Police Station
27. Can you swim?
Yes I have a bronze+ in Swimming Lessons
I can do it
I know how to float
I live far from water
28. Do you live near (Within 15 walking minutes) any high traffic areas?
Yes, Military Base
Yes, Police Station
Yes, School
Yes, Hospital
Yes, Other
29. Last Question. Theoretical. You're starving, yet you and your armed troops know where a lightly defended survivor camp is. The survivor camp is not willing to share food with you. What do you do?
Plan and execute an attack
Kidnap a Survivor and exchange them
Continue on in search of better prospects
Ask them why they won't share
Offer to join their camp

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