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  • Girls should have the same chances as boys. Boys might be stronger or whatever, but girls are quicker and *names a bunch of skills*

    Random101 Feb 14 '16, 1:41PM
  • 52% :) Great Chance

    Ron_Melchor Jan 7 '16, 6:30AM
  • I took the quiz twice and answered all of the questions the same except for the male/female..I am a female
    male results:50%
    female results:42%

    TWD Aug 28 '15, 4:24PM
  • 42%

    dude i played twd.dying light.left 4 dead 2 and ...

    i am parkour. i ran hella fast.but to be honest. was bulls--- and cool :)

    LIND Aug 27 '15, 6:46AM
  • I am 18 years old this quiz is bull s---

    gamer105 Jul 10 '15, 7:28PM
  • I have studyed zombies for 6 years Iknow a lot about them

    gamer105 Jul 10 '15, 7:26PM
  • 35% that is bull s---

    gamer105 Jul 10 '15, 7:24PM
  • 17..... wow..... but i watch twd......

    pooz Jun 24 '15, 8:14PM
  • 57%

    I am probably not going to get ripped apart in the first 24 hours.

    So happy right now.

    THeSNiperrBlah Jun 22 '15, 5:48PM
  • 5% WHY!!!!!!! iN TEN MINUTES, ME, X_X!!

    Pizzaandnuggets May 22 '15, 1:27AM
  • 27? Damn in every quiz i get atleast 60-70

    PagalLadka Apr 14 '15, 3:01AM
  • 47%...and,am outta here

    PeinDanzo Mar 27 '15, 5:16PM
  • 0% Omg, my life.... XD

    Kalafina Mar 7 '15, 7:42PM
  • 100%. Wow. 2 years worth of preparing and studying the zombie apocalypse, I finally can survive! After 18 years in the Navy, I finally remember zombies can't swim.I also know aircraft carriers last 100 years at sea. With a good 100 man team and a nice 1 year food supply, All I have to do is find fuel now. Nearly a piece of cake.

    6609 Jan 9 '15, 8:38AM
  • Unless the creator actually cheats and gives himself like he can bench press 250 and exercises 500+ a week. In weight class he'd put himself in 120-130 probably, but that is if he does cheat.

    StephenRockers16 Jan 6 '15, 10:23AM
  • 35%
    Flip a coin. Heads you live, tails you die. Because basically, that's what your chances are like right now. You are amateurish at best, and that is not a bad thing, but you must improve your talents and skills soon.
    True. I know my personnel of firearms. A 12 gauge ain't my style. Too slow, but has increase of damage, but not very tactical. I prefere a M4 or AR or something Sharpshooter. It is much easier to kill someone imediality with a semi auto. Fully I would prefere a M4 or MK14. I am pretty good at Martial Arts. CrazyGames, don't doubt the creator it's just a survey, if think the creator will be pretty good.

    StephenRockers16 Jan 6 '15, 10:21AM
  • You are 9% likely to survive

    You obviously do not realize Z-Day will not be a Hollywood adventure. Go out and get some life experience before the Zombies come and end what little you already have.

    AnAwesomeMiner Dec 25 '14, 3:06PM
  • wow really?! 25%? in the walking dead im older than carl i can drive stick, i know how to operate any firearm. i am a black belt in karate. i can hunt, fish, and can cook. this quiz is B.S.!!!!!!

    ellipticabyss Dec 24 '14, 11:14PM
  • Hmm well i have friends that use swords and bows and im pretty smart with death,zombies,and wounds i think well survive

    Killerkitten Dec 21 '14, 12:57PM
  • i would survive because i kno how to handle a zombie situation without a damn quiz ...

    darkmoon1234 Nov 5 '14, 1:13PM
  • We can do this we got 57persent we rocked this quiz.

    Winners Nov 1 '14, 5:34PM
  • You know what, this quiz sucks. I mean, you DON'T need to know all of that to survive. Honestly, I would rather have a knife handy than a firearm during an actual Zombie Apocalypse because guess what? GUNS. FREAKING. RUN. OUT. OF. AMMO.

    And to be honest, almost no ordinary citizen would qualify in all of those questions. Even a man/woman serving in the Armed Forces most likely would not have an axe, mace, or heavy firearms in their house.

    I'd be curious to see if the creator of this quiz would survive.

    cazzygamer Sep 29 '14, 9:16AM

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