Zombie Survival Quiz

A zombie attack is coming. Not many people will survive. But select few will know what to do. If you take this and don't live, then I suggest you go online and read up on zombies, I strongly suggest buying The Zombie Survival Guide (by Max Brooks). Quiz is based on Zombie Survival Guide.

I was in spired to make this quiz after I watched Dawn of th Dead. I saw people die that could have lived, If only they were a little more educated. If you take this, you'll know know your chances and study accordingly.

Created by: Jason
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you own any guns?
One or two, I think..
More than 10
4. How skilled are you in maintaining a gun and the usage of them? (Cleaning, ammo ect.)
Not very..
I've never touched a gun!
I was born on guns! I know all guns inside and out!
I've had some experience with them before
I've only shot a gun
5. What is you main weapon of choice?
Bolt-action/ Carbine
Shot gun
Rocket Launcher
Full auto machine gun
6. What is your secondary weapon?
A good feeling pistol with a high-cap. mag.
Glass bottle
7. How often do you exercise?
Not at all
A little bit. like in P.E
I run and do sit-ups once a week
I run and work out 2 or more times a week
When I'm not busy im hittin' the gym!
8. How long can you run at a good pace before having to stop?
5 min.
15 min.
30 min.
1 hr.
1hr. 30 min easy..
I'm on Cross Country
9. How many people would be in your group?
Just me, I can't trust anyone else
Myself and my friends, we can trust each and have seen zombies movies
Whoever I can find
My family
10. A small group of zombies appear in your back yard, you...
Call the cops and wait it out
Get a silent weapon (bow, crossbow) and take 'em out!
open the door and shoot them with your primary weapon
Flee the house
11. A zombie out break has just happened, where do you go?
Your house
Police Station
The zombie shelter you've been building for years
12. Where is the only place you can shoot a zombie to keep it down for good?
13. What is your melee weapon of choice?
Crow bar
Baseball bat
14. How much ammo should be on you at all times?
As much that can fit on my body
As much as I can without sacrificing agility
The 1 clip in my gun right now
2 clips
3 clips
15. How good are you at shooting a gun accuracy wise?
I can hit somthing 200 yd.s off with a pistol/ rifle
Head shot from 50 yd.s easy with a pistol
I can't shoot very well
I can hit some where on the body from 15 yd.s
I can't hit crap!
16. Your friend gets bit on the hand, its not a big bit though, you...
Shoot him in the head, right away
Send him away with 1 bullet
Give him a gun and let him fight with you a little longer
Do nothing. Whats the big deal, its just a little bit
17. Do you know how to Free run? (parkour, city jumping)
Kind of
Me and my friends do it of off roofs and stuff, nothing major though
I'm a pro
Whats that?
18. Do you know your city, suburb, living area well?
Sort of
I just moved here
Like the back of my hand
I know how to get around
19. You, and your crew and walking, It will get dark very soon. A small house is on the horizon, what do you do?
Screw the house, I'll be sleeping outside
Go into the house carfully and scout out a scure room to sleep in for the night
Just keep truckin' forget the house
Go in and make it your new base
20. One of your friends calls you up. He has alot of ammo, guns, + food. He is alone and there are exactly 20 zombies outside, you...
Hang up, no need
Get in the truck with some friends go over there and take 'em out!
Run over there and pick them off, then go inside rescue your friend and drive back to your place with all the supplies
Run up there guns blazing
Think about it for 15 min.
21. You get bit... what do you do?
Load up on all the guns you have and go on a rampage!
Lite up your last cig. and shoot yourself in the head, you refuse to be one of them
Do nothing and wait for the change
Go into a crowd of zombies with a chain saw and killas many as you can
22. What is your vehicle of choice?
Bike, can go almost anywhere!
Truck, can go off roads, and plough thru zombies
Sports car, they can't even catch you! Your doing 120mph!
Mini Van, can hold alot of people
23. *Last question* Do you hunt?
All the time
Never been
A few times each year
Only been once

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