ultimate zombie quiz and survival

there has always been talk of zombie outbreaks and many people (i myself) have done quizzes about them and whether people would survive. well this is the definitive zombie survival quiz.

doing this quiz, you will find out if you are a zombie exterminator or a companion to a group of survivors. so if you could take a few minutes to take this quiz, prepare youself and find if you would survive a zombie outbreak that would be ace. hey...it's..DEAD...easy

Created by: aiden
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3. You hear on the news of vicous attacks in a 20 mile area. what do you do.
think nothing of it
by a gun with plenty of ammo
do anything possible to ensure your becomes lika fort
stock up on food, water, buy a gun
call your friends and tell them to get to your house and tell them to bring plenty of supplies
phone family and tell them what to do then meet up with them and go abroad
4. the attacks are becoming more frequent. do you.......
ignore the whole thing and stay at home in the country
get more guns and fortify your home
tell your friends the situation and meet up and take refuge with plenty of supplies
prepare for the darn right worst
5. the news confrims a viral outbreak and all the people who contract it lose their mind, have constant rage and are biting and causing grievous bodily harm. suddenyl you hear starnge noises, do you...
grab your new 9mm pistol and investigate
call out. if there is no reply then your neighbour hood is probably zombie infested
sit patiently with your axe
grab all your weapons and food, get in the car and head to your mates house
charge outside and confront the bugga
6. its confirmed...the whole of the country is zombie infested. do you...
go to your mates house with all your guns and food and hink of a plan.
stay at home and pray the army and government do something
go to your nearest family
go zombie hunting
7. a zombie is in your home but your guns are upstairs, you have a choise of a kitchen knife, a baseball bat, a lamp or computer monitor. you choose the
baseball bat
computer monitor
8. you are out of your house with your guns and supplies and there are some vehicles you can choose, but hurry there are some zombies just finishing off a corpse and you are their next meal. you choose...
the 4 door pick up truck
mini cooper
off road bike
salloon car
9. you are heading over to your mates house but disaster there isnt much fuel left and yu have to go past a huge housing estate. do you
floor it and hope you get past it without being spotted by the 5,000 zombiess
go slowly to conserve fuel but there is a high chance of being spotted
swap vehicles for the other pickup
change to a 4 door salloon you saw just up ahead
10. you make to your mates house and hear lots of screaming. suddenly your mate comes running down lets you in and tells you to follow him. he tells you that his dad has turned into a zombie but he doesnt have the guts to kill him as the whole family is at ri
say no but teel your mate to get any weapons and supplies and to follow you.
hesitate butwalk out the room and put around in his head
say yes instantly and blast a couple of rounds in his head
say both of you will do it on the count of 3
11. you and your mate make it out alive but then yout get a text message from another friend. he says his whole family is dead and needs help. do you
reply back sayin that you'll be there ASAP
forget a reply and forget him and carry on as a 2 person team
ask the situation and determine what you will do on the reply
12. you get another text message but from a girl you wanted to go out with and still do. she says that she tried to get away but is now trapped. do you...
reply you will be there instantly to save her thinking you might be together after all
ask her the situation and determine what you do from the reply
think she should not have got with that other guy and say no
ask your mate what you should do and go by what he thinks
both agree on a plan
13. you save the girl and think of somewhere safe when your mate asks if you can help get his girlfriend. yo..
say no and then say that we are better off somewhere secure with lots of food.
say yes seeing as he did help get the girl you wanted
all 3 of you agree on a plan
14. there are now 4 of you in the group. you have plenty of weapons but need somewhere safe, secure and with plenty of food as you are running out. you have 3 options.
the mall. there is a gun store, loads of food and plenty of exits
a small grocery store. food for a few days
off license. empty the bottles of alchol which you drink and then make molotovs
a pub. food for a week or two, 2 exits and thick doors and walls.
15. you are into your 4th day at the mall, when suddenly when you were looking for rescue choppers you see a van containing survivors enter the car park. do you..
alert the others and let them in
fire your weapon at the van as you dont want possible virus carriers in your safe zone.
let them in but then lock them up in a store with no other ways out. and ask for each individual to show no injuries and ask if they have weapons
16. the mall has been infiltrated by 30 zombies. do you...
have the group head over to the gunstore while you distract the sombies and lead them infront of the gunstore where the other will shoot the zombies
all head over to the gunstore and make a stand.
find the nearest exit as quickly and calmly as possible, get into one of the shuttle buses and go to a new location
17. you win the final stand but suddenly you hear huge crashing. after a look you find thousands of the undead on the ground floor after getting through the barricaded doors. do you...
block all possible main routes onto the second floor where you are and think of a plan to get to some vehicles
use the outside emergency exits which lead into the outdoor car park and make a hasty exit
stay where you are
18. the undead heav got onto the second floor and you have to use the emergency exit but hundreds more are outside. do you...
run like hell in the car park to some vehicles and just drive
blcok the emergency exit you went through with whatever you can find and make some temporary shelter on the roof.
stay in the gunstroe and fire millions of rounds into each and everyone of the zombies head
19. you have been forced to flee the mall and are driving along the motorway when you reach a blockade of crashed cars and fresh zmobies and if you go back the other way you end up by the mall. do you
get out out of the vehicles, gather all weapons and make a secure route through all the wreckage and hope there are some useable cars on the other side
drive through the wreckage running down the undead and shoot ing guns out of the windows
turn back and take a risk of going past the mall and taking the previous turn off
20. you get throguh the wreckage and turn off to drive through miles and miles of country. you find a cabin up in the hills in amongst a small forest, overlooking a small town. you agree the cabin would be good to rest in. what precautions do you take.
a perimeter sweep of 200 metres, apply extra wood to doors to make them thicker, set up observation posts and watch duties
nothing as you are in a cabin 400ft above a town
if worst comes to worst make sure you have a roue leading to the roof where you can just drop down next to the cars
21. disaster. you are out of food and the town is the only place but from the mornings watch you see the whole town is zombie infested. do you...
assemble a small team containing the best shots, the best drivers and quickest runners and the strongest. and go on a skirmish
all go in one of the pick ups and jsut grab what you can in 5 mins
go down at about 1-2 pm (day at its brightest) andgrab as much as possible
all go down and get more guns aswell
22. you move on from the cabin and onto another motorway but one of the group admits they got bitten in the town. do you...
stop the vehicles take the person out and just shoot them in the head
stop the car and leave them on the road side
kepp them as you could find a cure
23. you find a megamarket (on down from a mall) aand go inside. you find out that some more friends are inside and they have a plan of heading over to an army base nearby. do you...
agree to go along. army personnel will know what other things to do
ask the other member of your group what do
all agree to stay in the mega market-safety in numbers
24. you head over to the army base and find the place deserted apart from a few remaining soldiers. they say that the remained to protect the base as the others went on cleanup ops but never returned. they continue to say that there is a forces port nearby wh
agree to go along and say the army guys can be in charge
agree with the other group to stay in the base and work out how to use the helicopters
stay at the base for a few days but move along to official rescue points
25. you head over to the island but disaster the inhabitants are undead. your group which consists of 18 people make a final stand on the is;and shore but the undead are closing and the boats are to far away. do you...
make a massive speech while shooting to encourage the others
have the army guys call a retreat and go into the sea and swim to the boats
26. you have no where to go, no food and no water. you head back to mainland in attempt to get to an official safe zone. you find as the last few chopper flights are taking place. you finally get onto a plane but have no idea where its going. you ask the pilo
bargain with the pilot to take you to a safer place
just go with it and think of a plan when you arrive
27. you get into canada and then are told that all survivors are going to europe for no other safe zones in america are safe. and the undead are only a few miles from where you are now. you stay the night at the base but the next day are woken up with gunfire
wake your group to go and help make a final stand
get a helicopter of flat bed truck to take you somewhere deserted from the undead
end your days trying to kill as many undead as possible

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