The real zst quiz (zombie survival team)

Hi this quiz will tell you wehter or not you have a good chance of surviving zombie outbreak made by the zombie survival team and the question is are you a good zombie survival expert the awnser lies ahead the question you have been waiting for.

So take this quiz and it will awnser many questions about surviving a zombie outbreak and for those who get 85% or more then you my friend,Yes YOU are a true zombie survival EXPERT.

Created by: stevie
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1. you hear news of the walking dead coming should you...
ignore it and eat some cheese puffs
Tell everyone at school/work about it
prepare for the worst
panic and go out of control!
2. ok now THE VERY FIRST thing you should do is to find a safe location which one of these would be best?
Your own house
a super market
3. now you found a place to survive now you need supplies and food let's start with food should you take...
deli meat
4. now for beverages what should you take to drink?
bottled water
energy drinks
5. now for supplies (think of how much things each one could do)
wooden boards
lead pipe
screw driver
6. now for weapons how much experiance do you have with firearms?
i love to hunt!
i work for the swat
i have used a bb/airsoft gun.
iv'e used them in video games.
7. if shooting a a zombie which place is best to hit
it's jewels
the chest
the head
the leg
8. lets say someone you knew like a friend got bit what should you do?
cut off the limb
carry them to safety
say goodbye and shoot him/her in the head
give them a weapon and soem ammo and leave them.
9. if you see a person cornered by at least 5 zombies which weapon would be best
sub machine gun
assault rifle
10. if you found your self alone against a horde of 20 zombies and no where to go which would be best to use...
assault rifle
sniper rifle
hand gun
11. which would be best used to barracade a door against zombies?
wooden boards
barbed wire
wooden desks tables chairs and etc
a fridge on it's side with a couch on top
12. which of these is best used for transportation
my own two feet
a bike
13. if someone gets wounded what kind of injuries do you know how to treat?
a cut/scrape
a broken bone
a gunshot wound
all of these
none of these
14. if stuck in a small room and zombies breaking through the door should you...
barricade it
shoot at the door
throw a grenade/molotov at it
wait steadily for them to break open the door then fire
15. which is it best time to travel at
day time
night time
16. if you find what looks like a deserted building which has supplies what should you do?
run in grab everything and get the heck outta there!
check every room for a zombie
shoot at the windows
17. the rest of these are all about zombies fast can a zombie run?
are you kidding me my great grandma could be them in a race!
they can run but only for a few seconds
they can sprint so freaken fast they would catch up to you in a couple of seconds!
they limp around like they broke a leg er something
18. how smart are zombies?
dude cat has a higher iq then them.
Very smart they're like undead scientists!
are you serious these things are so dumb they don't know what 1+1 is!
19. can zombies communicate?
no they can't say a word
they make high pitch screams.
they can talk like us
they make low pitch soft grunts
20. do zombies get scared?
no you could pull an rpg on them god dang things and they still wouldn't run!
nah they don't have emotions they can't feel me shooting them
yes they have feelings and emotions like us
21. what do zombies eat?
animals and people
none of those they are vegitarians

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