Zombie Survival Training

This sequel to my last quiz "Can you survive a zombie pandemic?" is much more accurate, and it involves more realistic facts. Since some people don't know their guns, I've made it much simpler to answer some of them.

Can you live, or do you need training? This will help you survive. When you can come back and take this quiz with a 100% you've got it made. Just remember, there are 7 different ways for a real zombie pandemic.

Created by: Eddie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is the build of your body?
Obese... that means really fat.
Some baby fat.
Skinny, but strong.
Weak, very weak, like a wet noodle.
4. Do you have any impaired abilities?
I have bad eyes.
I have bad ears.
No, I'm not a cripple.
I wear glasses.
I use a hearing aid.
I wear both.
5. What is better, a sharp weapon, or a blunt weapon?
Sharp, so you can cut off there heads.
Blunt, so you can smash there little zombie brains.
I prefer pancakes.
How about a gun?
6. You have about three days worth food, and enogh ammo for three people to survive, but you need enough food for possibly many years. lol... sorry, your screwed, what do you do?
Go to Wal-Mart and grab tons of the good stuff, steak, fish, chicken... steak.
Sneak in a nearby convenience store carefully, and grab all the beer you can.
Break into the nearest house, steal all their food, and then run for it before they try to get you. LOL Look that fat guy thinks he can catch you.
Stay for 3 days, then try to get more food. It's not worth it now.
Go to the nearest store, and grab as much canned foods as you can.
7. How fast do you run?
I'm like a cheetah, or a leopard, or a sportscar... or I'm lying.
I'm like a horse, or a lion, or a rabbit. Not to fast, but fast.
I'm like a cow, or a dog, or a rabbit. I'm a little fat... fatty.
I'm like a turtle, or a snail, or a slug. I probably shouldn't even have legs.
8. If you had a choice between a group of 10-15 untrained people, and a group of 5-3 trained soldiers, which would you go with?
I would go with the group of 10-15. Probably because I know some of them.
I would go with the soldiers. They know what they're doing. I just need to remember that they're just a tougher person, they aren't invincible.
I want to stay with my teddy bear, he's cool, don't worry.
My rifle is my only friend, I don't need other people. They'll just slow me down. A lone wolf struggles but survives.
9. Where do you live?
Mars. The little green guys here are cool.
The City.
The suburbs.
The country. I don't have to worry much.
A small town, few people, we all know eachother, so we don't have problems killing eachother.
10. Your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you, your best friend is an oaf, and your step dad is evil, and he turned into a zombie. What now?
Try to get my mom to stop saying that there's red on me. I already know!!
Suicide is only the answer sometimes. This is one of those times. Where's the extension cord at? I need to learn how to tie a hangmans knot.
I'm glad they broke up with me, that stupid byotch!
My friend isn't an oaf their cool. And so what if my step dads a zombie.
11. How do you kill a zombie?
Destroy it's brain and your good.
Cut off its head.
Shoot it in the heart. It can't take a heart breaker like that.
Play David Hasselhoff very loud. You shouldn't have a problem then.
Kick it. in the nuts. Now it can't have kids
Overfeeding, those guys just eat and eat until they explode.
12. What is your weapon of choice?
Flamethrower. It's hot. Very hot.
Cricket bat.
Your own two knucks.
13. What is your get-away vehicle?
Bus cus there's lots of room, and it's good at running things over.
Sports car, it's fast, and... um... fast.
Get away? I'm hiding in the basement!
14. Your pet piranha's hahve been infected, and there are people outside your house trying to break in to get your food. What do you do?
Share my food, there people too.
Save some ammo, and drop the piranhas on them. Turning them into zombies is much easier.
Offer to join them. They don't look to friendly though.
Laugh as they corner you and knock you out. Then you wake up to find your food and weapons gone, and zombies are swarming in on you. LOL just keep laughing.
Put a few rounds in their head.
15. Do you have any experience with a gun?
I'm in the military.
I'm in a security force.
I'm an officer of law.
I hunt.
I do paintball.
Do nerf guns count?
16. Your family has become zombies, do you
Grab the nearest weapon. You can't take looking at them while they're like this. Suicide is the answer.
Kill them, then yourself. They don't deserve this, and I can't live with it.
Kill them and run! They're filled with evil and don't deserve to have to suffer anymore.
Stare at them as they devour you. It was fun while it lasted right?
Dance on their corpses after you kill them. They're finally gone!! I'm finally free!
17. What do you think of when you see guts and blood?
Wow. glad I'm not that guy.
Woot! I shot you in the face!
Ewwww! That's gross.
Dang, I got cornered. This game is cheap!
My chainsaw is cutting you up! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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