Zombie Survival Quiz

Many people thinks that zombies are not real. Even if there have never been any reports of a zombies outbreak, how can you be sure? Take this quiz to find out how well you will survive if a zombie outbreak ever do occur!

Do you know anything about surviving out in the wilderness? How about surviving a zombie apocalypse? What will you do if one day you wake up to see your town infested with zombies? You will find out how well you will survive in a few minutes!

Created by: Bilash
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. how long can you run?
i can't run
i can run for only a few minutes
i can run longer than most people
i can run for a very long time without getting tired
4. how strong are you?
i am disabled
i am very strong
i am not very strong
5. what kind of clothing do you wear during a zombie outbreak?
tight clothing
loose clothing
6. how long is your hair?
i have no hair
i have long hair
i have very short hair
7. do you wear glasses?
i can't live without my glasses
only for reading
8. where do you live?
i live in a very large city (such as philadelphia)
a few miles away from the big city
more than 10 miles away from a big city
my closest neighbor lives 5 miles away
i am always on the move
9. what kind of house do you live in?
apartment building
private house
row house
a mansion
i am always on the move
10. do you have a family?
i have a very big family
i live with my parents
i live alone
i live with one of my of parents
11. how much food do you have at your house? how long will it last you?
i have no food at my house
i have some preserved food that will last me a few weeks
my food will last me only a few days
i am always on the move
i have tons of canned food that will last me a long time
12. which weapon is best?
a knife
a hatchet
a crowbar
a baseball bat
a machete
a screwdriver
13. do you have any of these weapons?
a crowbar
a machete
a hatchet
a real sword
i have a lot of these weapons
14. which weapon is the best during a zombie outbreak?
a revolver
an assault rifle
a machine gun
a flame thrower
a chainsaw
15. what type of transportation is best during a zombie outbreak?
a small car
a big truck
a motorcycle
a bike
a horse
16. do you know how to ride a horse?
i am scared of horses
a little
i have never ridden a horse, but i am pretty sure i can do it
17. do you have a horse?
my neighbor has a horse
i am sure i can find one
18. do you know how to use a gun?
19. how accurate are you?
i am not very accurate
i never miss a target
20. have you ever seen a dead body before?
many times
only in video games and tv
21. did you ever kill any animal bigger than a cockroach?
more than once
22. if someone close to you was bitten by a zombie, what will you do?
shoot him or her in the head
kill him or her with the crowbar
leave him or her behind
bring him or her along
23. how many survivors do you bring along with you?
as many as i could find
up to 10
up to 20
up to 50
up to a 100 survivors
i travel alone
24. when you spot a survivor, what is the first thing you do?
let him join your group
check the survivor for bites
give him something to eat
ask him if he has any supplies
25. you and your group are out of supplies. you later find a group of survivors with a lot of supplies and they refuse to share their supplies with your group. what do you do?
move on
send someone from your group to steal their supplies
attack them
look for supplies elsewhere
26. you have to travel more than 50 miles but you can only bring two weapons. which two weapons do you bring along?
a knife and a hand gun
a hammer and a machine gun
a crowbar and an assault rifle
a crowbar and a revolver
two revolvers
a machine gun and a knife
27. how long do you think you will really survive?
i won't survive
i think i will survive a few days
i think i will survive a few weeks
i think i will survive a few months
i think i will survive a few years
i can survive forever

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