It's All Your Fault!: Where Are You Now? Part Three

I'm back after a LONG spacey-ness of not being here so now no one rememebers me probably. Whatever. No one reads this either. So, take the Pre-quiz to It's All Your Fault!: Where Are You Now? and the actual quizes to understand stuff.

oh look, another, comment and tell me what you think. I love getting comments. Hope you enjoy the quiz. If you are Jason's #1 fan, just don't scare him too much.

Created by: Nallie
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3. So, Jason, you want to tell me what’s up? He looks near you, then sighs. “No. I can’t tell you yet.”
Really? REALLY?!
Come ON, Jason…you’re so CRUEL!
I could care less if you fell off a cliff right now. I DON'T NEED YOU!
4. Jason looks up at the sky and stares at it for a while.
HELLO? Are you alive?
Yes, Jason, the sky IS quite pretty, but must we stare at it when I want you to explain some stuff?
Quit stalling and tell me what’s up!
You can do whatever you want my little *nickname for Jason* (me: tell me how to shorten Jason?)
5. Finally Jason sighs and speaks. “You're probably wondering what’s going on.”
NO, I’d rather stare at you and move my head closer, closer…until I’m breathing creepily in your face!(me: Jason is afraid for his dear little life…)
I could care less about what he has to say!
Let him speak!
6. He sighs again (what’s wrong with this dude, right?) and then explains (finally!) “Okay, so you’ve got this scent that the Creature wants for his collection.”
Look, I know I smell good, but that’s just creepy…
The Creature? What's that?
Well, then you have to kill the Creature then, right?
So, does this involve me getting powers and you training me and then us fighting side by side?(me: HA you wish...)
7. To move the story along, let's say you ask what the Creature is. Jason shudders when you speak the name and you say "What? You can say it but I can't?" Jason recovers, then answers, still not looking at your eyes. "I'm insignificant. It doesn't hurt when I say his name."
What do you mean you're insignificant? I think you're amazing!
well, you still didn't answer my question. I don't care how worthless you think you are. We're all worthless dude, it's about time you accepted it.
*can't react to him saying he's insignificant*
*pats arm comfortingly* but you still didn't answer the question
8. Jason continues. "But back to the question. The Creature is the thing that locked you away. Remember I said he wanted your scent."
Why does he want THAT?
Yes, quit repeating yourself, dude.
look, just save me and let us have our fairy tale ending already
I have a plan for that...
9. Jason keeps talking, I just wanted your reactions. He's talking this whole time and the answers are in your head. "When you froze those two times(refer to earlier It's All Your Fault!: Where Are You Now? quizes), that was the Creature taking your scent."
Does he want to clone me? Because if he does, that's just creepy.(me: don't ask. It's not like I'll answer)
*gasp*! I'll find a way out!
So, you've failed in your oh-so-noble protection of me...HA HA ON YOU!
10. You say "What will he do with my scent?" Jason makes a painful face, as if he didn't want to tell you that. "Please don't ask me." Then he turns away and refuses to speak again.
Fine. I was getting tired of your voice anyway.
Typical. I barely know you and I'm saying that. Am I observant or what? (me: don't act so proud)
JASON!!!!! TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!
So, what now? Do I just stare at you until you speak again?
11. Suddenly, this bird flies over to Jason and begins to speak,and the amazing thing is not that it's talking, but that you can understand. "Jason, did you tell her that you're her Guardian yet? I have plenty of others more suitable..." Jason turns and tries to frantically shush the bird. "Shut up! I'll tell her! Go away!" "Just remember what I said." the bird says as it flies away. Jason looks at the ground uncomfortably.
So you're my Guardian? Whatever.
I KNEW YOU WERE A HERO! *deeper love*
*thinks* somehow, I get the feeling that Jason begged for this job as Guardian...
So that's why you won't go away...*irritation* I can handle myself!
12. Jason won't look at you and he doesn't answer any questions. He just keeps staring at the ground. "Well, you're not much for conversation, are you?" You say. Jason says "Look, it's late. Let's sleep and then I'll explain some more later. Maybe." He then turns into a bird and flies up a tree, leaving you to make yourself comfortable on the ground.
It's all well and good that YOU can fly and sleep in a tree, but what am I supposed to do?
DON'T LEAVE ME!!! (me:Quit scaring the poor boy!)
*shrugs* I'll just sleep on the ground. He's new to this Guardian business anyways.
Good, now I can break free....I can leave...(me:not going to happen so put your hopes on the ground where they belong and just sleep)
13. This is the last question. I know it's been a while, but maybe that's okay. I enjoyed making this, so I hope you enjoyed reading it.
I LOVE YOU JASON!!!!!!!!!(me: if I were Jason, I'd have left you in that cage with the Creature...)
I think it was cool
I'm determined to escape the wrath of the Creature
I could care less...

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