a vampire love story part 4

This is part 4 in the series, if you have any comments about it then please tell me in the comments box. I am always interested in hearing from you guys!

Ok, so this night you heard some howling and saw a wolf. You wonder what's going on but remember that they made you promise to not go out the door. I hope you enjoy this part!

Created by: vampiregirl447
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3. Why is there a wolf outside, you think to yourself. Then you realize something. He somehow reminds you of Stone...
I think I'll ask Derek about this.
Bryan will protect me from these big creepy wolves! (me: woooooow)
I'll ask Chase if he knows this stone person
I wonder where Alex is... (me: wow, a wolf is right out your window, and you not the least bit worried) Yes I am worried, I just want to be by Alex!
4. In the end you decide that as much as you want to go outside, you did promised that you wouldn't. But you never promised that you weren't going to go out the window!
Why am I betraying Derek?
I should be listening to Chase.
Bryan should come out with me to protect me.
Alex, would tell me not to...
I need to know if that is Stone
I want to go back to bed!!!!!!!! (me: Oh, come on! where is your sense of adventure?) In my bed, where I should be!!!
5. You put on some clothes, and climb out the window. You see the wolf walk off into the woods, you decide to follow it. You look up and see that the sun was rising. You near a small sunlight clearing in the woods. There you see the wolf just lying there, all of a sudden a bright light explodes from around the clearing, knocking you out...
Oh know what's going to happen to me!
Alex, I love you! (me:Your knocked out and that's what you are thinking?)
Bryan save me! (me:wow)
Chase will beat up the big bad wolfie for me! (me:wooooow)
Derek should be able to explain this bright explosion thing to me.
Stone, are you...
6. You wak up to see
I don't care!
7. ... Stone. "What happened?" You ask. "I don't know I just found you here and you were unconcious, I was um, uh... Nevermind." He answers, you can tell he was about to say that he was worried about you, but you don't pressure him into telling you. You try to stand up, but immediatly fall down. "Need a hand?" Stone politely asks. "yeah," you answer. H epicks you up and with amazing speed brings you back to the cabin. "Be careful. You never know what is out there." He whispers as you suddenly disappears.
Stone saved me! Don't leave me Stone!
There is something wierd about that guy...
Chase should have saved me. :(
Bryan would have done better at saving me.
Derek, should find me by the door.
Alex, you should have saved me.
8. A hour goes by as you drift in and out of conciousness. You finally wake up and find that you are in your room. You look up and see Alex, Bryan, Chase, and Derek sitting around in your room. "She's awake!" They exclaim. "I was so worried!" Bryan shouted giving you a crushing bear hug. "Me too!" Chase said holding your hand.
Chase is holding my hand!
Bryan hugged me!
Alex should have hugged me!
Derek is better!
I wish Stone was here.
9. You go downstairs an find something to eat. you pick
Icecream! (me: wow someone likes sugar)
10. You then go and find Chase. 'Chase, have you ever met someone named Stone?" you ask. 'Why do you ask?" Chase says in a grave tone. "I just want to know." you reply. "Yes, I have. He is trouble ______, stay away from him." He replied in a even graver tone.
Ok, I'll listen to you, Chasey!
I should also ask Bryan.
Derek.... (wow, you ask a question and your day dreaming, lol)
Alex might tell me more about him!
Stay away from Stone? are you insane?
11. You leave his room, and walk into the library. Inside you see Alex, you walk up to him and ask him about Stone. "Chase is right, Stone is bad news, stay away from him." He answered. "Well, I don't know.." you answer when he cuts you off saying, "Please I am begging you! Don't get hurt!"
Aaw! he cares about me!
I want Bryan to hug me again!
Chase is so dreamy
Derek! Where are you?
Sorry Alex, but I need to meet Stone, I want to know more about him.
12. You ask Bryan and get the same answer. But when you ask Derek, he says "Yes, I know him. Stay away from him." You then leave and walk back to your room. You fall asleep listening to a almost humsn-like howl...
Your going to do a cliffhanger here, aren't you?
Oh this is interesting!
This was boring, (me; sorry! If you don't like it then give a few ideas to make it better!)
I knew you were going to do this.

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