It's All Your Fault!: Where Are You Now? Part Two

After such surprising results from the last quiz, I've decided to continue this series. I'm always open for ideas, just stick to the topic. Write a comment, I don't care whether you rate or not, just write a comment.

Recap:Is in the first question. Have fun and be nice to Jason... Have fun, and remember, the forest is a dangerous place when your guide knows little more than you...

Created by: Nallie
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3. *slow and lazy tone* Let's see, where did the story leave off?
Don't act like you don't know! 'But before he can get the words out, you feel a strange sensation that...' Well?
Ugh! The author isn't going to tell me ANYTHING! *turns urgently to Jason* "I felt a strange sensation. What happens next?" Jason gives you a look and shrugs. (me: Ha! Jason works for ME and I don't let HIM in on everything!)
Why should I remember how the story ended? I was too busy thinking about how it started. (me: ok, that doesn't even WANT to make sense it's so SENSELESS)
4. Alright, I know how it started. I was just testing you. Back to the story. You two are walking in silence when Jason starts to say something, perhaps the explanation you're dying to hear? But before he can get the words out, you feel a strange sensation that creeps through your whole body and seems to paralyze you. You can't move anymore. What should you do?
I should scream! "Jason! Help!" (me:*annoyed* is that ALL you ever do?)
I know I shouldn't panic, but I can't help it! This is too similar to what happened before...
I don't care! I thought I made that clear to you from the beginning!
*sarcastic*I must be the luckiest girl in the world. Not long after I'm rescued, I'm in danger again. What is WRONG with me?!
5. You hear an evil laugh ringing eerily from somewhere behind you and panic, whether or not you were panicking before. Jason sees the fear in your eyes, but you can't tell whether or not he cares. In fact, he looks entirely indifferent to your situation. Jason then does a very shocking thing. He backs off into the shadow of a nearby tree and disappears completely.
I'm too shocked for words. How could Jason do that to me?
*angry, but controlling the fury and hurt that threatens to overpower you*Good, he's gone and I'm right back where I started. What ELSE could go wrong?
Jason, you're the best. It's really great that friends can be there for each other WHEN THEY NEED THEM!!!
6. Great, right? Your so-called "rescuer" just abandonned you. What is the first thing that comes to mind?
*can barely contain anger*Jason. Is. Going. To. Pay. BIG TIME!!!
I don't need him. I'll go it alone and I'll escape this mental forcefield by myself!
Good riddance! I never liked him anyway...
*sarcastic*Yes! Now all I need to do is save myself and make sure I never see Jason again!
7. Suddenly, the bird from earlier emerges from the shadows.
Good, I still have ONE friend. I HOPE YOU CAN SEE THIS, JASON!
*mocking tone*Yes, and then the pretty birdie turns into a unicorn and carries me away to Fairy-tale Land. Sick!
Yes, and what can a pathetic little bird do?
Hey, is that Jason?
8. The bird looks at you with hauntingly familiar eyes before it dives at a figure behind you. It's the kidnapper from before. Strangely calm, you watch as the bird strikes the kidnapper repeatedly with a deeper fury than you can comprehend.
Wow. What a violent bird. I hope it doesn't have friends...*scary music and horrific memories flood your thoughts and you zone out for a moment*
Ok, I guess you CAN save me...
And this is the part where the bird frees me..
9. The bird emerges triumphant from the battle and flies quickly back into the shadows. Then, Jason comes out of the shadow of the tree and looks at you, then feigns surprise at the unconcious body of the kidnapper.
*rolls eyes and shakes head* Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.
So, decided to come crawling back to me?
Oh, it's you. *to yourself*I was hoping I was done with you...
So, do you want to get out of here before he wakes up?
10. Let's assume you picked choice 1. If you didn't figure it out by now, Jason's the bird.
He is?! Ohmigosh! That is SO COOL!
Wow, some people actually didn't figure that out?
I DID pick choice 1. It's all these slow people who didn't...I'm kidding, I don't think you're all dumb!
Jason's a bird? Interesting...Actually, I find that disturbing...
11. Jason looks shocked that you figured out his secret so easily, but he doesn't say anything.
Of COURSE I knew all along! *nervous laugh* (me: you most certainly did NOT figure it out on your own because you were too busy being a Jason fanatic!)
Do I look stupid to you? I figured it out easily. If you want to keep those things secret, you need to be less obvious.
Yes, I figured it out when you first got me out of that cage. But I won't tell anyone, I promise.
Yeah, whatever.
12. "So, you won't tell anyone, right?" Jason asks nervously. "Yes" you assure him. Jason looks relieved. "Come on. Let's leave before he wakes up." You two walk at a reasonably fast pace away from the kidnapper, who is stirring feebly. But before he sees you, you are both well out of sight. It is night, and you begin to wonder why you haven't felt tired or hungry ever since you were under the kidnapper's trance. You consult Jason, who shrugs.
Ok, I'm in a world I don't understand and you're my only link. ARE YOU ACTUALLY SAYING YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE?!
Sure, of course he doesn't know. And I'm a lunch box!
*to yourself*Oh, that's right, I forgot that you aren't a SUPERGENIUS like me. Silly me!
If I've said it once I'll say it a million times. WHATEVER!
13. As the sun slowly drifts below the horizon and you and Jason follow it as day turns to night, The Author ends the quiz. But one last question before our tale is through; Should Jason stay?
No! I hate him! I hate this quiz! You promised me an Action/Adventure story and the story's going the wrong way!
I don't care WHATSOEVER!
Yes, but there should be more boys! (me: you have got to be kidding. That's been done too many times. However, I'm willing to add other characters. As FREINDS, ok? Only friends)

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