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Bob Is Fat said:
May 30 '14, 8:31PM

I've never heard of any of those shows other than full house! how about YOU try doing something from Disney channel?!?!
this quiz was dumb

Rubenfifa said:
May 26 '14, 8:37AM

F***ki just got a 12 f*****g piece of b******t

tashi zangmu said:
Mar 14 '14, 12:50PM

its kinda borin'

ilovepuppyz said:
Jan 19 '14, 12:23AM

I agree with riley styles. I got 4%, and I love full house to.

Jeffresonthecat said:
Jan 1 '14, 11:39PM

I only answered the Reba one

Jazzy0627 said:
Sep 15 '13, 12:57AM

I got a bad score and I don't like what you put for that. I have feelings, too! ='(

MikuMikuRin said:
Aug 19 '13, 1:07PM

Who awnsred the Cheers theme one because of Ice King? 'Cuse I did.

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