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Athena246810 said:
Apr 24 '12, 6:07PM

DUDE most of the people on the internet have NEVER heard of most of these shows, geez like 90% of them aren't even on the air anymore, you'll only see them if you watch reruns they show every 8 or 9 years :/

Susie123 said:
Mar 28 '12, 3:07PM

wanna know why i only got 8%? its cuz i didnt do all the questions and you picked the OLDEST/DUMBEST SHOWS EVER... do u really expect us to get that crap right???

Mandolin said:
Mar 22 '12, 2:38AM

Ok, I'm an adult and most of those shows were on nick at night when I was tiny... I guess I need to watch more TV land :)

KoolKittyKat said:
Mar 6 '12, 7:31PM

I'm 12 what r these Tv shows????

molly4439 said:
Feb 29 '12, 12:41AM

Oh yeah! 23% in your face!

Ezmer is cool said:
Feb 26 '12, 12:59PM

Hey, you !!! Stop

Ezmer is cool said:
Feb 26 '12, 12:58PM

We're not patrick star!!! We own a tv!!!

scolionophobia said:
Feb 19 '12, 8:41PM

are you like...80.... i knew some but i knew full house,thats 70 show and familly matters but i dont even know the theme songs..

flossie800 said:
Jan 6 '12, 4:11PM

WTF MAN! like im only 11 and your putting tv programs tht not even cavemen would watch gawd r u sum sort of poshie cus this quiz was rubbish! dont expect anyone to get above 40 percent and i only got 8

ICONiac16 said:
Dec 27 '11, 2:09PM

This is bad i dont like it nOt hattin but yeah im barely 11 not 80

Lil hihi said:
Nov 27 '11, 4:58PM u_attractive_40

kaila said:
Nov 27 '11, 2:18PM

omg i only got 1 right xDDDD that one was that 70s show xDD

You cant balme meh! im only 10 xDDDDDDDDDDD

gimmegame78 said:
Nov 26 '11, 11:55PM

haha i got the same as last time!

gimmegame78 said:
Nov 26 '11, 11:54PM

lol i got 8 percent.

Lil hihi said:
Nov 26 '11, 1:33PM yo u_a_mean_person_6

Lil hihi said:
Nov 25 '11, 7:39PM

SUCKISH quiz these r so old

Lil hihi said:
Nov 25 '11, 7:36PM

Link17 lol o wow I got 31% the last one was easy

Link17 said:
Nov 1 '11, 6:36PM

Lol I only knew one of them!

wizzy will said:
Aug 24 '11, 8:12PM

27 percent worst wuiz dude these shows are old man like really put some cartoons atleast

Yellasplitzer287 said:
Aug 24 '11, 12:13AM

i knew 2!!! woo hoo!!!! somehow, i guessed others correctly and got27%

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