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WingsStef said:
Jul 16 '09, 9:35PM

88% yo. I'm sad. LOL

that70sshowlova said:
Jul 6 '09, 1:17PM

Im 31 percent.I watch tv alot but not the crappy abc family shows.But i did get the That '70s show one right i know i did.Wooo go That '70s Show!!!

DJ Chic La Freak said:
Jun 20 '09, 4:48AM

I watch Family Guy, The Simpsons, and other MODERN-DAY tv shows for goodness sake! Not these oldies! Some of these don't even air anymore! Next time, make quizzes that are acctually based on the 21st centery.

paige301 said:
Jun 6 '09, 8:42PM

i watch a lot of tev you watch OLD people's show!

paige301 said:
Jun 6 '09, 8:41PM

i got 15% this quiz suxs and i only know the song of Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince of Belaire, and Full House
-If your the creater you suck at making quizzes-

badest97 said:
May 11 '09, 10:32PM

90 percent b----es and I'm only 16

ginge26 said:
Apr 2 '09, 1:17PM

lol i got like 31%
+ i only knew that 70s show
+ the goldengirls cause summer + anna sing it on the oc

mgirl60 said:
Mar 29 '09, 2:22PM

23% hmm.. I guessed on all of them. I don't even watch TV!!!

XxbubxX said:
Mar 29 '09, 11:07AM

That SUCKED! I got 4% from this sucky quiz!

leslie said:
Jan 14 '09, 9:33PM

12% aint to to bad hey im only 13 and I only know the golden girls by my mom watched that it does not air any more

Roxy101 said:
Dec 21 '08, 6:36AM

9% I SUCK wit TV

emmaxx said:
Oct 3 '08, 6:40PM

Omg i got 12% heard of 1 so dint do too bad :D

MystiqueBeauty16 said:
Aug 4 '08, 1:38PM

Lol 35% I just suck, haha.

guitarist 4 said:
Jul 31 '08, 7:07PM

haha. i got 27% cause i guessed on most all of em, and i dont hang around for that part of the show. i have a life... on the computer

corwinorr said:
Jul 22 '08, 9:18AM

Any other 16 year olds get 62%? Didn't think so!!

Mighty Mouse said:
Jul 16 '08, 7:34PM

Ok so I got 0% right, not a big televison person

soulseriesaddict said:
Jul 9 '08, 11:39PM

hey alexrox3, I only got an 19% I feel your pain

alexrox3 said:
Jul 7 '08, 10:34PM

dammit 27%

Fall_Out_Boy09 said:
Jul 7 '08, 7:05PM

lol stupid

hannahbob said:
Jun 23 '08, 6:58AM

ha im 15 dunt that mean i watch alot of tv lol no i got s---e on zat!

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