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Diehard said:
Oct 28 '12, 6:51PM

Living under a rock??? Dude, these shows are probably older than my grandparents!

hootie27 said:
Oct 14 '12, 6:55PM

I'm an 11 yr old boy I watch I love lucy, fraiser,family guy, friends, full house, and cheers.
You put those as answers but none of them were correct answers! Those are REAL classics (not family guy) but some of them only had only one season!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Plus I LOVE friends!!!!!

Ranay6781 said:
Sep 30 '12, 1:47AM

Great sportmanship Dragonz! your most likely the most nice person that commeted on this quiz!

Ranay6781 said:
Sep 30 '12, 1:46AM

That's it! I agree with Ezmar! i dont watch much TV so stop being so mean! Bree00, stop the stupib cusin'! i hear enough of that at school and it's getting really annoying! There is kids on this web aite you know!!

dragonz said:
Sep 23 '12, 12:08PM

hey hard quiz nice job

dogs of the city said:
Aug 6 '12, 10:27PM

KJMoeMoe said:
100% in your faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

dude you do know that cuz you watch so much tv you dont have a life i don even watch tv anymore like at all

Cupcakelover2000 said:
Jul 30 '12, 3:31PM

This is the worst quiz I've ever taken. I'm new to this website and I've taken a few quizzes but this one was just insulting!

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