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dealnowwithlife said:
May 30 '08, 11:35PM

"Your Final Score Was 77%

Good Job! You definitely know your TV theme songs. It might be possible that you are watching too much television."

not bad! I took it again and got a higher score. And no I did not guess (a little). Anyway, see my comment below!

dealnowwithlife said:
May 30 '08, 11:32PM

"Your Final Score Was 69%

Good Job! You definitely know your TV theme songs. It might be possible that you are watching too much television."

not bad for someone in their mid 20s.

Jemae17 said:
May 19 '08, 3:28PM

I had so much fun! I got 92% correct... I don't know if that's good or bad. It probably means I used to watch way too much TV as a kid.

Meia said:
Apr 25 '08, 11:07AM

I've never even heard of most of those shows. Damn US-centric internet :p

Tomaniac2 said:
Apr 3 '08, 10:05PM

Too Hard!!!

Docspencer said:
Mar 25 '08, 3:51PM

88% not bad I enjoyed this quiz

Emily Brown said:
Mar 13 '08, 9:02PM

wow you really worked hard on this! i only got 27 percent though!

Sticker_Fiend said:
Feb 8 '08, 8:29PM

I only got a 31% But all of these are old tv teme songs.. Plus it's good not to watch tv that much, I'm on the computer whatch ya gonna do about it? XD

Kikitoria said:
Jan 21 '08, 1:14PM

I got 19. Oh well I'm only 14.

whosthebossfan said:
Jan 20 '08, 9:26PM

I Liked this Quiz. I wasn't even born when half the shows first aired but I watch em all in reruns! I got a 62% I liked it alot!

JRD said:
Jan 20 '08, 7:34PM

I got a 15% I wouldn't even born

JRD said:
Jan 20 '08, 7:33PM

I got a 15% but the quiz was so old that I wouldn't born

longoria_danielle said:
Jan 4 '08, 3:40PM

I got %58 it was really fun, I even started singing along with the lines.

grrieatu said:
Dec 21 '07, 1:23PM

wow i got 19% but im only 15 so how do yall expect me to know these show from the 50's

Bloody_Valentine_ said:
Dec 9 '07, 7:22PM

wow...i hated this quiz

bob said:
Dec 1 '07, 4:38PM

i got a 0%

Lil Eddy said:
Nov 2 '07, 9:32AM

27% percent, at least I watch good shows1

robinh4 said:
Oct 30 '07, 4:10PM

Awesome quiz. I really enjoyed taking it. I got 81%. I watch most of the shows on there.

emogirl14 said:
Oct 23 '07, 10:45PM

one word....stupid. it was so stupid that i wont even bother using the caps locks.... it alost put me to sleep....zzzzz huh.. sorry about that... im going to bed..

ellenann0923 said:
Oct 17 '07, 2:30PM

i havent watched half of these shows before so sadly i only got 38% percent. =[

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