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Cupcakelover2000 said:
Jul 30 '12, 3:27PM

This is the worst quiz I've taken by far. It completely insulted my intelligience. It's not my fault the creator of this quiz chose the tv shows that almost no one watches to quiz other people about. This quiz sucks!!!

abtoni said:
Jul 21 '12, 4:12PM

Firstly i own a tv and secondly i am only 9 and the only show i know out of those are blinking freinds

Pathabeo said:
Jul 9 '12, 7:36PM

My only correct answer was the That 70's Show one. All of those other shows were sooo old. I'd only heard of about half of 'em and even then I'd never actually watch them of my own accord.

Athena246810 said:
Apr 24 '12, 6:07PM

DUDE most of the people on the internet have NEVER heard of most of these shows, geez like 90% of them aren't even on the air anymore, you'll only see them if you watch reruns they show every 8 or 9 years :/

Susie123 said:
Mar 28 '12, 3:07PM

wanna know why i only got 8%? its cuz i didnt do all the questions and you picked the OLDEST/DUMBEST SHOWS EVER... do u really expect us to get that crap right???

Mandolin said:
Mar 22 '12, 2:38AM

Ok, I'm an adult and most of those shows were on nick at night when I was tiny... I guess I need to watch more TV land :)

KoolKittyKat said:
Mar 6 '12, 7:31PM

I'm 12 what r these Tv shows????

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