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Lizzzy said:
Jan 19 '15, 3:44PM

Did it work, mormier? Did it really work and was worth the effort?? S:(

Wendee30 said:
Dec 18 '14, 11:22PM

Psh, I gave up after the sixth question. I know the names of most of the shows but I just don't know the answers. Exept for a few that my parants watch like Scrubs or ones that I watch like I Love Lucy. Well built quiz though. :)

Theresarosehemmo said:
Dec 5 '14, 10:54AM

Does anyone know I love Lucy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or boy meets world that is under 25 lmao my generation sucks

Rockblock said:
Nov 17 '14, 9:59PM

0% . these shows are old though. try doing one for kids.

Jo The Hater 2 said:
Sep 3 '14, 2:41PM


miss berry rose said:
Aug 3 '14, 7:07PM


qwerty123 said:
Jun 14 '14, 4:12PM

Calling this quiz dumb because you don't know the answers is pretty immature, guys. All of these shows are pretty old, so most of you wouldn't know them. I only got 6/26 which is 23%. I didn't guess on the ones I had no idea. I only marked the ones I knew for sure.

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