Your strongest personality. <----mr, turtle

This quiz will hopefully say what your strongest personality is :3 have fun!! (Turtles 🐢) yayyyyyy! I'm Lydia btw nice to meet you ,:) I hope you have fun

Oh and also don't feel disappointed out sad if you get a personality which you are not happy with it's just a quiz and I'm sorry if you are disappointed

Created by: Wolf-Chan

  1. What is your favourite place to hang out
  2. How much do you like your family/friends
  3. What would be your dream pet?
  4. How do you describe yourself
  5. Favourite food
  6. What wings would you like?
  7. Choose one
  8. Are you quiet
  9. Your favourite colour
  10. Favourite kind of songs

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Quiz topic: My strongest personality. <----mr, turtle