Your spirit animal!

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This quiz is for anyone who needs to find there style!! Are you brave, shy or you just don't know then well you took the correct quiz because this is 100% accurate- no matter what you say!!!

Don't take this if you're looking for your favorite animal to show!! Your favorite animal is not your spirit animal it depends on how you act and how your brain works! You have to act how you want others to see you because if you don't nothing works out!!

Created by: Sas
  1. How smart do you think you are?
  2. Your element:
  3. What is your ideal pet size?
  4. Favorite book genre?
  5. What is your best personality trait?
  6. Favorite school subject:
  7. I like sport?
  8. If I had to pick a pet name it would be??:
  9. My favorite color is? :
  10. What is the most important to you?

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Quiz topic: My spirit animal!