Your position on the political spectrum

Not sure where you are located on the left-right political spectrum? Wonder how left or right you are? This quiz will lead you to the ultimate answer you have been waiting for!

Let's get started! A little reminder: please think about each question carefully. Since there are not many questions, each question is of a lot of importance!

Created by: Shaun
  1. A low tax rate benefits citizens the most.
  2. Certain efforts should be made to reduce income inequality.
  3. Capitalism is a bad thing and should be abolished by all means necessary.
  4. Globalism is fundamentally a bad thing.
  5. My race is superior to all others, therefore only the rights of my race should be protected.
  6. What is your stance on socialism?
  7. The press is our enemy.
  8. We should accept immigrants.
  9. Should communism be achieved?
  10. What is your stance on LGBT communities?
  11. Choose one.
  12. Choose a thing you find the most important.

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Quiz topic: My position on the political spectrum