Your Plate Fate - Mexican or Thai?

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Unsure about which of the Mercado La Paloma restaurants to try? This quiz will give you some insight and lead you in the right direction when deciding between Chichen Itza Restaurant and Thai Corner Express.

While the two boast vastly different dishes - one, with flavors from the Yucatan Peninsula and the other with flavors from Thailand - there is no bad option. Take the quiz and find out your "plate fate."

Created by: Erika

  1. What flavors do you enjoy in your food?
  2. Do you prefer restaurants that deliver or do you prefer dining in?
  3. Your ideal meal would consist of...
  4. Are you willing to try exotic combinations and foreign flavors?
  5. In a meal, you look for...
  6. Menu - big or small?
  7. What is your protein of choice?
  8. Do you prefer your food to be multi-dimensional or simple?
  9. Do you have a peanut allergy?
  10. Do you tend to order from the "daily specials" menu or stick with classic options?

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Quiz topic: My Plate Fate - Mexican or Thai?