your inner warrior cat qwiz.

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do you have the mind of a meany like tigerclaw a lovly she-cat like silverstream a hansom tom like greystripe or a kind nice and hasom tom like firestar?

do you have what it takes to be a ture warrior if you do take this greatly fun warrior generator qwiz you just click on the one you chose and thats all!

Created by: clawtail

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you love a cat from a diffrent clan?
  2. your mate from a diffrent clan is in a battle with you clan what do you do?
  3. your leader is attcked by rats! what do you do?
  4. whats your fav clan?
  5. you fav food?
  6. hunting place?
  7. dogs attack what do you do?
  8. worst animal?
  9. fav coler?
  10. size?

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Quiz topic: My inner warrior cat qwiz.