Your Anime Hot Anime Boyfriend

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Hello! This is a quiz to see what the best option of your anime boyfriend! Don't take it personally, you can choose whoever you want! I hope you enjoy it.

Remember not to take it personal. I'm sorry for the lack of options. I ran out of thoughts and wrote this so it would be simple to find your boyfriend.

Created by: Nalan
  1. Do you like your boyfriend to look?
  2. Let's add some personality traits.
  3. Public acting
  4. How romantic do you want him?
  5. We're do you want him to confess his love?
  6. How often would you like to “do it” with them?
  7. Did you like the quiz so far?
  8. Who are you hoping to get?
  9. Ready to see your results?
  10. Press the “finish quiz” button at the bottom.

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