Your Aesthetic [plus hogwarts house]

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So this is just a quiz for an aesthetic it's for fun not that accurate sorry, I threw in some harry potter crap...Just trying to fill up space now -.-

Houses [for non harry pottaH fans who took the quiz] hufflepuff= soft, kind of just like uwu🌸 color: yellowravenclaw= very smart, pretty antisocial📘color: bluegriffyndor= bold, courageous and sporty🏈 color: redslytherin= cunning, ambitious, and underrated .-.🍏 color: green

Created by: littlequizzer

  1. Would you wear this?
  2. Is this an appealing image to you?
  3. Would your dream room be this [or similar]?
  4. favorite food +dessert [or closest to]{will not have a lot of impact on result don't stress😌}
  5. How do you like this quiz
  6. what's your favorite song/beat
  7. if someone insults you you say:
  8. is this sad
  9. what's your preferred Hogwarts house
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: My Aesthetic [plus hogwarts house]