Youll NEVER touch a Hatchimal again..

Aah, Hatchimals. The quintessential toy of 2019, made to rival 1961’s Furby toy. But Furbies had a creepy side: so do Hatchimals, they may attack you.........

Go through an RP quiz where you fight a diabolical hatchimal! Also quick note: I want more quizzes on my feed I just hurried it along to make this so yea it’s not the best

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You sit at home, hungry. You order pizza and the pizza delivery man hands you a hatchimal toy, claimed that you need to throw it out because the hatchimal “won’t let him”.
  2. If you chose to take the hatchimal to keep it, that night you hear an urgent whisper. “Hey, Y/N, that man was crazy you want to keep me dont you?”
  3. If you chose to throw away the hatchimal, you trip on your way out and the hatchimal hits you in the head. “So mighty now, huh?” Comes a demonic voice.
  4. If you chose to slam the door after collecting your food, the window opens. You hear the man scream. The hatchimal flies through the window and sneers at you.
  5. You gape are the hatchimal. How could it do anything by itself, it’s a toy.
  6. The hatchimal’s beak grows long and it presses a QR code into your..
  7. The hatchimal over and over bites you, your QR code snaps and you feel yourself shutting down.
  8. Do you think you lived?
  9. Scroll down
  10. See that lil “submit answers” button there? Click it, then you’ll know if you survived.

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