You really think You Know Hip Hop Music

Hey, there's alot of people out there that listen to Hip Hop, Are you one of the ones that actually take it to heart? Well if so take the Quiz and Find out where you stand in the Hip Hop Knowledge board.

"Are you a Hip Hop genius? Do you have the brainpower and the skill to qualify for that outstanding title? Until now you could only think about it. But thanks to this amazing quiz, in just minutes you will find out, How Great or not so Great you really are.

Created by: Anthony

  1. In What year did Planet Rock come out?
  2. Who Sings, Still Not a Playa?
  3. Who's the Featuring Artist, In She Got it... By 2 Pistols
  4. What Song does this verse go in, " You all know me, Still same old G."
  5. In Eminem Till I Collapse, What Order is correct for Em' favorite artist?
  6. True or False: In Jockin Jay-Z by Jay-Z does he talk about Obama?
  7. In 2008, Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino got together to do this #1 hit?
  8. Who Sings, Radio?
  9. What's the name of Will Smith Character, In Wild Wild West? * He does rap about it
  10. What's the name of Nelly group?
  11. What T.I. Song was the theme for Sportscenter's, Who's Hot?
  12. Who was the Country Singer, in Nelly's song Over and Over?
  13. Trick Daddy and Lil Jon song Let's Go was a remix to what Rock Song?
  14. Mos Def duel o that is now broken up was called? Most Famous song, The Choice is Yours
  15. Dr. Dre and Snoop D O Double G got together for the first time to do what song?

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