You Don't Know Me!

Do you REALLY know me? Probably not...which is the reason why I recieve 20 different friend requests (per day) on MySpace from people who haven't even bothered to see who I am. =_= Let's just hope you aren't one of those sad little men who message me in a sick attempt for a date. Oh well...good luck.

Well, even if you DO get the question wrong, you can be happy knowing that you'll find out something new and interesting about me anyways. =) Now, take the test so I can see just how much of a stalker you are!

Created by: Jessica of Noir's MySpace
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  1. Start with an easy one. When is my birthday?
  2. What is my current MAJOR career?
  3. What am I addicted to?
  4. What is my ethnicity?
  5. What high-class, prep, private school did I attend from grades 7 to 9?
  6. How many years have I been studying cartooning and sketching?
  7. Why is my nickname "Noir" (meaning "black")?
  8. Who is my favorite celebrity that I've met/ worked with?
  9. What was the name of the band that I tried to start up?
  10. Which celebrity hair stylist just recently gave me a hair cut?

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