hi. my real name is Carie White. i have many friends. i also have a very cute boyfriend:) we like to skateboard together and i really love him! oh yeah, please anser my questions1

i want to use net-speak. by the way, i love harry potter. isnt he CUTE? i know, right? i know how to surf. it is really fun. my sisters are cool. my friends are really pretty.

Created by: Rainey Block
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you cute?
  2. Do you enjoy cooking?
  3. Have you ever watched a movie rated 15+ for inappropriate content then, watched with your mother and got grounded?
  4. Are your parents divorced?
  5. Do you like house of anubis, degrassi,slide, the amanda show, ned's declassified, or, zoey101?
  6. Are you cool?
  7. are you dating anyone?
  8. do you play piano?
  9. do you cuss alot?
  10. do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  11. good relationship w/ your father?
  12. do you loath (severely hate) math?
  13. are you popular?
  14. do you want me to shut up?
  15. Are you vegan?
  16. Do you like cats, and, (or) dogs?
  17. have you ever smoked?
  18. Do you go to bars alot? or at all?
  19. do you LOVE chocolate?
  20. are you a scammer? (i sware to god i wont tell)
  21. are you suicidal?
  22. are you a nerd?
  23. do you like to stay up all night?
  24. do you like this quiz?
  25. are you a democrat?
  26. republican?
  27. republican?
  28. do you believe in abortion?
  29. do you believe in abortion?
  30. do you want me to get off the topic of politics?
  31. can i leave now?
  32. bye

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