WWE Quiz fun for kids

Come on have a go and see if you will have a wwe IQ of 250. Its fin and it is only 16 questions. You no u want to. Lets see if your the next Jeff Hardy. If you are well then your da best man. COME ON HAVE A GO

Are u a genius find out after just 16 awesome questions. I think you can be the new WWE champion lets see ig you have WWE smarts. Coime On we no you want to

Created by: George

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  1. Who is one of the most popular WWE superstars
  2. Who Is the most hated wwe superstar
  3. Who was the youngest wwe champion
  4. True or Fulse, Did chris Jericho take off rey mysterio's mask off at the bash
  5. At Armageddon 2008 who did jeff hardy beat in the triple threat match for the wwe championship!
  6. How Tall is the big show
  7. Who is the Tallest wwe superstar
  8. The Rock has won the wwe championship how many times
  9. Edge hates chris jericho
  10. what is the undertakers streak at wrestlemania
  11. Who is the master at the 619
  12. Who's finisher is the swinging DDT
  13. Who are the two strongest wwe superstars
  14. Who is the fattest wwe superstar

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