wuts ur ghetto rep.?

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this quiz is about how you would be veiwed as if you lived in the ghetto. It is your reputation in the hood.Will you be able to make it in the hood? Or will you just get shot trying to make it?

Are you the best of them all in the hood? Can you rise from the bottom to be the best of them all? Are you able to do that? Well take this quiz and find out how ghetto you really are!

What is your age?
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25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
if you were walking down the street and you seen one of your homies getting jumped and they are way bigger than you, wut would u do?
I dont care how big they are, i got my homies back
i would step up to them and yell at them and getting ready to fight just in case
you get some of your homies to help
you just walk away like you didnt see anything
How do you make your money?
Robbing people in the street with your gat
Stealin from stores and selling the stuff you stole
you just go to work everyday just tryin to live life
your just selling drugs and crap you dont need and
Where do shop for your clothes?
abercrombie & fitch
Wal-mart and places like that
name-brand s---
anywhere i can afford
you come home one night and right before you go in you here people breaking in through the back window, what do you do?
just run back to my car and wait till they leave so i can see there faces and go after them the next day
go in with your mac 10 and let bullets fly
you go to your homies house to chill, you dont need that stuff, you can just buy more
you find out who it is and go take your stuff back and more from there house
what do you think of this quiz?
its alright
i want to see what i get!!
this quiz sux
its pretty cool
you just got done having sex with a chick, and she says she loves you, how do you respond?
F*** you im outta here
hey i got some stuff to do ill call you sometime ok?
i dont care ill see ya later
oh really? i love you too
almost done
its about time
hurry the hell up
this quiz sux
aww i really want this to keep going
how do you dress?
long white t's and baggy blue jeans with nike's
regular sized shirt and jeans
really expensive clothing only
anything is alright
what do you think you are?
100% gangsta
a nice girl/guy
someone thats easy to get along with
i dont trust anyone
wut did u think of this quiz?
meh, i had better
this sucked
it was kinda cool
i loved it!!!

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