Would you survive The Hunger Games?

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There are many people who love the Hunger Games, but are you one of those people that survive the dreadful games? The Hunger Games is a hard game, and this is a chance to proove your worth.

Could YOU survive the alwaus dreadful Hunger Games? Do YOU have the power and skills to win The Hunger Games? Thanks to this quiz, you are about to find out!

Created by: Zane Is Here
  1. What would you use as a weapon?
  2. What would be your plan when the bell rings?
  3. Do you group with others?
  4. Are you strong?
  5. Are you weak at all?
  6. Are you more like Peeta or Katniss?
  7. Did you like this quiz?
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  9. Comment?
  10. Thanks, bye.

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