Would we be good friends?

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This is a little quiz I made for fun. I want to see if anyone would be good friends with me. But really, I'd like to be your friend, no matter what your score is!


Created by: help.me.tired
  1. What's one of your biggest fandoms?
  2. What's your diet orientation?
  3. If I say, "I'm the king of the snails!" how would you react?
  4. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
  5. Favorite color? (Sorryy I know it's a clichรฉ)
  6. Kiwi?
  7. Pick a sport:
  8. If I fell asleep on my keyboard again, would you wake me up?
  9. Donut of choice?
  10. Last question! Which of these is more apealing to you?

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