Would I Date You? (Quiz for Males)

Not that you would care that the maker of a random quiz would date you, but you might care that what I have to say is a representation of what many women would say to you. Would they date you?

Using scenarios to discover the way that you interact with people, I have tried to create questions that will objectively identify how you would relate to the average woman.

Created by: MAshley

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  1. True or False: The man should make the first move.
  2. Fill in the blank with the word best matching your thinking: The man should ______ pay for the date(s) on which he asked the woman.
  3. At least most men know that the average woman appreciates gifts given for no special reason. What is your reaction to this common female liking?
  4. You've been seeing a girl for a month, maybe 3-4 dates. She gets a bad cold, calls you up to cancel a date because of her cold. You know that she is just staying home by herself to take care of herself. You gave her a raincheck and you hang up the phone. What do you do?
  5. What is a girl's idea of the perfect date?
  6. When do you first kiss?
  7. Just curious, how tall is your ideal girl?
  8. How often do you like to hear from or communicate with an established girlfriend?
  9. Pick the description below that best matches your type of girl:
  10. What do you look like?

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