World Famous Riddles Quiz.

Welcome into my quiz! Do yoi think you are a genius? If so, you might be wondering how much. You can of course check it out here. If you dare. Ha -ha!

This is a very interesting quiz and you will not find it anywhere. It is just to test your mental and logical ability. Come on and take this quiz if you want to check it. Welcome again.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. There is a house. A person enters with blind and exits with seeing. What it is?
  2. I have four legs and I use to give support. What am I?
  3. I am blue. I am above you all. What am I?
  4. I am made of paper. I am always the past. What am I?
  5. There were three men on a boat. The boat crashed. All fell down and two of the three men's hair got wet. Why didn't the third one?
  6. There were 5 birds on a tree. 2 of them were killed by a hunter. How many were left?
  7. Grand ma was walking. Father was dancing. Mother was cooking. Then what Grand ma was doing?
  8. There were 6 bananas. 3 of them were eaten by a monkey. How many were left?
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