wold you date me(boys only)

why are you reading this?take the quiz. i need boys 10 under.im 7.my b-day is Aug. 14th:) i love boys boys boys.im tired its 2:05 so bord i need a boy to hang out with

i call my mom mommy and i have a annoying 4 year old roomate so and you need to be hot omg im so bord i hate the examples there about geniuses boring i just went to cicis pizza for lunch

Created by: hihihi6

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your idial date
  2. are you dating a girl
  3. do you like dirty blond hair green blue eyes
  4. im looking for blond hair and green blue eyes do you look like that
  5. do you know or love or like warrior cats
  6. are you ok with my mom being a burndet and yellow highlights and brown eyes
  7. you need to be under 10 to hook up with me
  8. random caus i need to know that
  9. kokikiokoikookkoiikoikoiko
  10. im bord

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