Witch dream smp character are you?

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Well uhm idk what to write here I guess its just a quiz about which myct character you are, this is just for fun and it took wayyyyyy to long yah yeet

Idk what to write here either so like spam time I guess kgsfjslluraulraulrapursiltsiltslurslurspursp7rw7prw5eyrufugwugwufwugwihwohwowyoh2oyw9yw96w9ywohaohsosggwiffgxhxnxnjdjsw

Created by: Ghost

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  1. First of all, pick a colour
  2. you have the choice to either save your best friend or 2 puppys
  3. dream team or l'manburg
  4. whats your hogwarts house?
  5. what do you do when playing minecraft?
  7. What's your favorite mob?
  8. Who do you think your gonna get? This won't change your result btw
  9. Choose a vibe
  10. Do you need a hug? Be honest

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Quiz topic: Witch dream smp character am I?