Wings Of Fire Jade Mountain Love Story! ( Part 3! )

Hello everyone! We're back with the sassy queen, FENNEC! It's been quite some time, but I'm back, shoving ALLLL the other dragonets in your Winglet ( plus Cactus ) at you! ( mwahahaha- )

Do you like the RainWing, the SkyWing, the IceWing, the NightWing, the MudWing, the fellow SandWing, the SeaWing, or yourself? Let's see! Have fun!!!!

Created by: GirrafePancakes
  1. You wake up in the infirmary. Hawksbill is there, scowling at Toucan, who is staring at you in worry. What do you do?
  2. They both notice you at the same time. Toucan sighs with relief, and Hawksbill cries out, "Fennec! Are you okay?! That stupid dragon will pay for this!"
  3. After Clay and Sunny agree to let you go, you head outside, where Garnet and Mallard are whispering quietly. Garnet turns her head towards you. "Fennec! Oh my gosh, are you okay?"
  4. Mallard and Garnet look at you for a moment then pull you behind a large rock. "Stay away from Darkheart. He's no good." They both whisper at the same time.
  5. After the strange encounter with those two, you enter the library. "Fennec?" Starlight asks. "Yep." You say, then Cactus spins you around. "Hey, there." He says.
  6. You got your book, then, suddenly, Frost is there, grasping your shoulders. "Fennec! Fennec, that was TWICE someone's knocked you out! You've gotta talk to the Dragonets of Destiny!" He cries.
  7. Frost forces you to tell Sunny and Tsunami. "Oh, not again!" Sunny whimpers. "You keep getting knocked out, AND someone's plotting an attack? Against who?" You shake your head. You can't remember. Frost tells you that Darkheart hadn't been seen all day.
  8. After sneaking back to your cave, several claws snatch you. You scream out, then Toucan is there his fangs bared. "Q-quit that! Let her go!" He shouts! Then he seems to slink to the ground with a loud knock. Then a flash a pain went through your head, and the world went black once again.
  9. "Fennec knows too much! We should kill her!" Someone shouts. "No! No, we won't kill her. I'll set a spell, make her forget it all!" Someone else yells. You were blindfolded. They forgot your snout. "No! No spells! Stop!" You cry. Then someone slams your head against the wall.
  10. You wake up in a net. Another dragon is with you. It's Toucan. You fall asleep, against his scales. How're you dreaming of?

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