will you survive? WOF FIGHT[WINGS OF FIRE]

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hi are you board of tribe quizzes and other personality quizzes well u came to the right quiz this will tell you if you are fit to live in the dragon world!

HI WELCOME AND ENGOY EVERY ANSWER IS COOL COME ON .. LET ME SEE YOU SMILE!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....XD :) ~_~.]] "] *SINGS*..,, .../////////////----===000000

Created by: Lakshya

  1. Oh no!! Scarlet caught you She threw you into the ring you have to fight !
  2. if you chose " *hides on the corpse in the sand*"..
  3. if you chose i'll claw that face off.....
  4. if you chose come to the death bed opponant!....
  5. if you chose no no no!.....
  6. he jumps at you and starts clawing you
  7. the skywings jeer and stare at the sandglass rubbing their talons there is no time!
  8. if you tried to attack him.. no it doesn't work but he roars and collapses on the sand and claws his way away from you then he suddenly stands and blasts you
  9. if you did not hi blasts you reapetadly
  10. a loud crash happens a skywing rose from the stands and attacks you by blasting his fiery breath at you and shoots down at you
  11. scarlet says angrily "oh how rude of you to take all too much time in my hatching day! one more second and i will end you myself.
  12. if you chose kill scarlet ,you jump at her and blast her but she grabs' you by the neck she says to all of her subjects "take the opponent and heal him we will have another fight today, let me dismiss this brat she droppes you the last sound you here is bones shattering and skywings laughing
  13. if you did not chose it scarlet smiles at you and snorts at the dead opponent lying on the sand she yelled to the skywings "i shall imprison this idiot" she points at the skywing who wanted to attack you "and for you" she says pointing at you "are my champion my dear"
  14. how was the quiz [this will not make any difference to the relasuklt]

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Quiz topic: Will I survive? WOF FIGHT[WINGS OF FIRE]