will you survive a zombie apocalypes

Many people say they'll live in a outbreak but i tell you this it's harder than you think! take this zombie quiz and find out your score ex:you shall parish

are you a survivor or will you become a member of the living dead? You're so innocent! You're so innocent that it's downright adorable. You're like a big-eyed puppy who embarrasses easily and is still sort of shocked by curse words. If you cause any problems for anyone, it's never intentional, and if someone uses sexual innuendo in front of you, it probably goes right over your head. Some people might call you naïve, but this quiz thinks there's something really sweet and nice about people who see the world through innocent eyes. If it could, this quiz would buy you a balloon and take you for a walk in the park

Created by: dragah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. primary weapon
  2. secondary weapon
  3. how many survivors is in your group?
  4. what is your safe house
  5. what weapons will u give your survivors?
  6. what's your personality
  7. you raid a gas station but see shadows what do you do
  8. what class would you be
  9. (does not matter) do u like my quiz or do you think it is enertating
  10. it's all over what do you do
  11. finally do you have any suggestions?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie apocalypes