Will you become a hobo?

there are many people destined for good things in this world. However, many people are just too garsh-dang lazy to do anything, or work hard to get what they want. they think that they will never become a hobo, but they in fact do.

will you become a hobo? do you have the lack of brainpower to quialify for this loser of a title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few, usless minutes you will find out!

Created by: Rowen McGreggue
  1. What marks do you get in school?
  2. You have tried drugs.
  3. have you ever died your hair black or in an odd formation?
  4. what type of neighbourhood do you live in?
  5. do you live downtown/ in a crime-torn part of the city?
  6. do you go to parties (with alcohol and/or druggies) more than 10 times a year?
  7. You like beer.
  8. do you play any sports?
  9. are you lazy at school or work?
  10. are you working for the ...
  11. you own
  12. You are involved in the community (ie. church group, non-profit organization, have made several donations, etc.)
  13. you have been a protester on more than 2 occasions

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Quiz topic: Will I become a hobo?